Manufacturing process aids

Chem-Trend's Robust Portfolio Of Manufacturing Aids Is Specialized For Many Industries.

Our products are developed with the goals of helping our customers produce higher quality parts, while improving their efficiency, reducing waste and lowering their overall production costs. In addition, our process aids are backed by 50 years of experience supporting manufacturing customers around the world.

Mold Release Agents »

Our highly specialized mold release products are designed to improve part quality and efficiency while lowering overall operational costs.

Casting Lubricants »

Our Casting Lubricants lead the industry in part quality and minimizing mold defects, see how we can help...

Tire Manufacturing Aids »

Chem-Trend has been a leading provider of Inside and Outside Tire Paints, Bladder Lubricants and other tire processing aids, take a look at...

Other Process Aids »

With over 50 years in the development and production of chemical specialties such as release agents, lubricants and process aids, we are...

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