Careers at Chem-Trend

Our global operations succeed because of our employees. Would you like to join our team?

Chem-Trend operates around the globe with employees worldwide. We are a customer-focused organization with a culture of innovation, responsiveness, and work/life balance. We recognize that it’s our people who make Chem-Trend a leader in the release agent industry so we strive to keep employees happy, motivated and challenged.

Working at Chem-Trend

In each region of the world where we are active Chem-Trend fosters an environment of diversity, openness and respect. We are involved in our communities showing personal engagement and displaying outstanding corporate citizenship.  A multitude of opportunities are offered to our employees on all levels.

Employee Perspectives

Valtencir C.

I believe that nobody works for so long in the same company unless it is a very special place. Chem-Trend is this place for me. I feel deeply proud of being part of an engaged team whose values and principles I am pleased to be committed to. Also I am very pleased to know that our company, besides the focus on safety, environment, and employees, among others, that there is a preoccupation in Social Projects. In Brazil we have an important project that helps a shelter called "Children's House". This institution attends to children, young adults and the community. It is very gratifying to help those who need; Chem-Trend helps us be involved with the community and enables us to contribute for a better future.

Valtencir C. Purchasing Southern Hemisphere
Chris S.

When I first interviewed for a job at Chem-Trend, there were two things that really impressed me. First, Chem-Trend ran its business almost exactly how I had learned the best companies operate when I was getting my Business Master’s degree (MBA). Second, and probably most important, I met dozens of people that had worked for Chem-Trend for 10 or more years. There were even people who had worked here for over 20 years and some of them had never worked anywhere else. Since that time, I have learned why: Chem-Trend takes care of its employees and really cares about them.

A successful business that treats its employees well? That's a rare and powerful combination and it's why I am still working here after 14 years.

Chris S. R&D Specialist North America
Geraldo C.
  • Chem-Trend constantly gives me the opportunity to develop my potential and learn. Being a global company this translates into opportunities to interact with other cultures and people, something of great value to me.
  • Chem-Trend has always set very high standards for work ethics, safety, quality, and customer service. Our employees feel being part of a winning team, and not just having a job to perform. This generates an environment where the "can-do" attitude prevails, together with a very healthy work environment. Also, The Guiding Principles implemented by Freudenberg assures that such positive aspects of our daily work can continue.
  • Chem-Trend is a company that truly appreciates values and other elements of cultural diversity. This is clearly demonstrated by the number of local nationals in key positions at all international business units.
  • Chem-Trend is considered a valued member of the communities and develops several social initiatives to support this impression.
Geraldo C. Manufacturing – North America / Global North America
Mary N.

I have been able to rotate through most of the labs, learning about the different product lines and processes to help keep my job fresh and interesting. I have had the opportunity to meet and work with many of my colleagues throughout the world on several projects over the years. Chem-Trend has supported my desire to complete my business degree and I have been able to attend many technical courses to keep my skills current and up to date.

Mary N. Research & Development North America