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Chem-Trend operates around the globe with employees worldwide. We are a customer-focused organization with a culture of innovation, responsiveness, and work/life balance. We recognize that it’s our people who make Chem-Trend a leader in the release agent industry so we strive to keep employees happy, motivated and challenged.

Working at Chem-Trend

In each region of the world where we are active Chem-Trend fosters an environment of diversity, openness and respect. We are involved in our communities showing personal engagement and displaying outstanding corporate citizenship.  A multitude of opportunities are offered to our employees on all levels.

Employee Perspectives

Valtencir C.

I believe that nobody works for so long in the same company unless it is a very special place. Chem-Trend is this place for me. I feel deeply proud of being part of an engaged team whose values and principles I am pleased to be committed to. Also I am very pleased to know that our company, besides the focus on safety, environment, and employees, among others, that there is a preoccupation in Social Projects. In Brazil we have an important project that helps a shelter called "Children's House". This institution attends to children, young adults and the community. It is very gratifying to help those who need; Chem-Trend helps us be involved with the community and enables us to contribute for a better future.

Valtencir C. Purchasing Southern Hemisphere
Mick W.

Why I am proud to work for Chem-Trend:

  • We are the best in the market, no doubt the market leader in terms of sales and market share, but also I strongly believe we are the best in other ways for example, we have the best people, the best products, and offer the best overall value for our customers.
  • I also enjoy the fact that there are always new challenges when working for CT. It can be in the form of career opportunity but also the fact that we are so customer oriented means that we're constantly finding new ways to meet ever changing customer needs. It's never boring in CT!
  • I enjoy the feeling of purpose in my role - I'm working as part of a team that is helping our customers to produce more, high quality products, using fewer materials - that's got to be good for sustainability of our customers businesses and resources in general. In addition we get to work with customers in areas of leading edge innovation (new parts, materials, processes, etc.) - this is an exciting part of the job for me.
  • Certainly the long-term orientation and the focus on high standards in the area of HS&E are also good. It's good to be working for an organization that has a real long-term commitment to its markets, customers and employees.
  • The training and development opportunities offered nowadays are really great. I have personally gained a huge amount from the LEAP program and other company development programs.
  • Finally the people make CT the great company it is. Despite the fact that the company has grown a lot since I joined, there is still a "family feel" about the organization. We know each other by first names and are not just a number in some huge machine. There are some truly world class people and teams inside CT that are a real pleasure to work with.
Mick W. Sales Europe
Svetlana P.

What is very important for me that the Chem-Trend company is interested to expand its presence globally and is willing to invest in the emerging markets and personnel. Thanks to the Chem-Trend business model to focus on the customer needs and provide the total solution. For a few years of our business in Russia, we managed to bring the Chem-Trend products brand awareness to the market and establish the long-term relations with customers in all the industry segments. The open and friendly climate inside the company contributes not only to the successful business development, but makes the colleagues from different countries closer and more consolidated in achieving the common goals. We are not just doing a good job — we enjoy its results and make fun when we collect together for trainings and industry meetings.

Svetlana P. Country Manager Europe
Donna A.

Chem-Trend has provided me with both educational and career opportunities. I started in an office support position, finished my Bachelors and then Masters degree with the help of Chem-Trend educational assistance benefits, and was promoted into management after 7 years with the company. What I enjoy most about working at Chem-Trend is the culture of everyone supporting each other as we all strive to do our best.

Donna A. HR North America
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