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Chem-Trend operates around the globe with employees worldwide. We are a customer-focused organization with a culture of innovation, responsiveness, and work/life balance. We recognize that it’s our people who make Chem-Trend a leader in the release agent industry so we strive to keep employees happy, motivated and challenged.

Working at Chem-Trend

In each region of the world where we are active Chem-Trend fosters an environment of diversity, openness and respect. We are involved in our communities showing personal engagement and displaying outstanding corporate citizenship.  A multitude of opportunities are offered to our employees on all levels.

Employee Perspectives

Valtencir C.

I believe that nobody works for so long in the same company unless it is a very special place. Chem-Trend is this place for me. I feel deeply proud of being part of an engaged team whose values and principles I am pleased to be committed to. Also I am very pleased to know that our company, besides the focus on safety, environment, and employees, among others, that there is a preoccupation in Social Projects. In Brazil we have an important project that helps a shelter called "Children's House". This institution attends to children, young adults and the community. It is very gratifying to help those who need; Chem-Trend helps us be involved with the community and enables us to contribute for a better future.

Valtencir C. Purchasing Southern Hemisphere
Gwen L.

Chem-Trend is made up of good people who care about each other and their company. With great pay, great benefits, a safe environment, learning/training opportunities and continuous improvement, Chem-Trend also cares about its employees - its family.

Gwen L. Administration North America
Rene G.

I like working for Chem-Trend as this allows me to work on a global base. The global challenges in business and intercultural cooperation enrich my daily life. The business model of Chem-Trend to focus on market needs and deliver solutions that are needed together with our global customer base creates a mix of innovation and added value technology. Chem-Trend is embedded into the FCS and further into the Freudenberg Group which allows all of us to think and interact as well between different industries and markets. This is exciting and important as well as break through innovations are usually developed in the overlap of different industries. We are exchanging our ideas and views in the thermoplastic global team at eye level rather than from a hierarchical point of view which creates an atmosphere of empowerment.

Rene G. Technology & Sales Europe
Rene S.

I enjoy working with Chem-Trend, nearly 25 years. We have a corporate culture with family style. I am proud to work for Chem-Trend; we have the best of Freudenberg training. The employee development available gives one the opportunity to continually support the mission and goals of our company. Our company provides many opportunities, whether developing our careers or our personal family life. With the Scholarship Program, the Tanner Youth Exchange or our Community Garden, Chem-Trend is the place to be.

Rene S. Traffic Specialist North America
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