Chem-trend's commitment to sustainability

From the Desk of Devanir Moraes, Chem-Trend President and CEO

Dear Customers, Industry Partners and Community Members:

Corporate responsibility is an integral component of the way we do business and is ingrained throughout all our operations around the world. We have dedicated and experienced staff for issues of environmental protection, occupational safety and health. As well, every one of our employees is encouraged to engage in incorporating solutions for sustainability, along with social and economic activities and long-term orientation, into their everyday work.

Responsible business practice has been a critical component of our enduring success, and has been since Chem-Trend’s founding in 1960. Our business has always been about sustainability, even when the term was not in vogue. We have always been about helping our customers improve operational efficiency, reduce scrap and waste, and improve their facility’s health, safety and environmental impact. Success in our business is inseparable from social responsibility, protection of the environment and ensuring the sustainable use of our products and services.

In the areas of research and development and product manufacturing, we are continually striving to advance our product technology with a focus on the efficient use of resources and having a streamlined supply chain to minimize our impact on the environment. We focus on improving the efficiency of our customers and solving the problems of industry in a sustainable manner.

We always consider the effects of our operations on people and the environment. As a well-respected part of manufacturing industries around the globe, and a member of the family-owned Freudenberg Group, we are committed to playing our part in ensuring that the structure of our communities, environment and economy remains intact for our employees, customers, partners and the general population, now and in the future.

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Devanir Moraes


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