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  • Polyurethanex

    Chem-Trend continues participation in the development of the global polyurethane industry by exhibiting at Polyurethanex in Moscow, Russia. Our... Read More »

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  • Innovative Process Solutions for Shoe Sole Manufacturers

    Find out how our mold release agents and ancillary process aids can help the manufacturing of polyurethane shoe soles. Download our brochure to... Read More »

  • Delivering customized solutions for the toughest polyurethane molding challenges

    For 50 years, Chem-Trend’s reputation has been built on a foundation of providing value and service. Download our Polyurethane product... Read More »


  • What is a hybrid release agent?

    Hybrid products provide the benefits of a solvent based material, such as an open surface and faster film formation and evaporation, but they... Read More »

  • Are low/no VOC release agent and other process aid materials available to help meet emission regulations?

    This is an area of growing concern and interest and there are products available that have low and zero VOC materials.

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  • What process aids are available to assist with difficult areas or damaged tooling?

    Paste waxes provide an excellent barrier for starting up on clean molds. These materials provide protection in scratched, cold, or high pressure... Read More »

  • How long should I wait between when the release agent is applied and pouring polyurethane foam?

    The key is to have a dry mold surface before the foam is poured. A liquid carrier is used to deliver the release agent to all surfaces of the... Read More »

  • How can I ensure the surface is adequately sprayed?

    By using a piece of cardboard a spray pattern may be tested. First make sure the spray equipment nozzle and air cap are clean and unrestricted.... Read More »

  • What is the recommended spray equipment for release agents?

    Various release agents can be used with many forms of spray equipment. While HVLP systems are the most common method of application, many other... Read More »

  • How do I ensure a consistent application from operator to operator?

    When applying a release agent with manual spray it is important to establish a baseline throughput to maintain a consistent spray. Required... Read More »