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  • The 10th China International Polyurethane Expo

    After 50 years in the industry, Chem-Trend is a leader in delivering solutions throughout the world with high-performance professional mold... Read More »

  • The 18th China International Composites Industrial Technical Expo

    With over 50 years of commitment, at Chem-Trend our customers are top priority. We are dedicated to our clients’ interests and creating... Read More »

  • 肯天携应用于热塑性塑料成型工艺的Lusin®系列产品



    Lusin... Read More »

  • 肯天大力拓展中国市场,北京办事处正式投入运营

    北京办事处的正式运营对肯天中国的整个业务起到重要的作用。肯天中国区总经理孙俊先生表示:“北京办事处的运营是肯天在中国及亚洲发展的又一个重要里程碑。作为中国‘十二五’计划重点发展的地区,京津唐、华北和东北市场将在肯天业务中比重不断增加。... Read More »

  • China Wind Power 2011

    Chem-Trend continues participation in the growth and development of the use of composite materials within the growing wind power industry by... Read More »

  • New Efficiency Enhancing HAPs Free Release Agent

    Popular Chemlease® One FS for Composite Industries, now available in "EZ Variant".

    Chem-Trend, a global... Read More »