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  • How long should I wait between when the release agent is applied and pouring polyurethane foam?

    The key is to have a dry mold surface before the foam is poured. A liquid carrier is used to deliver the release agent to all surfaces of the... Read More »

  • How can I ensure the surface is adequately sprayed?

    By using a piece of cardboard a spray pattern may be tested. First make sure the spray equipment nozzle and air cap are clean and unrestricted.... Read More »

  • What is the recommended spray equipment for release agents?

    Various release agents can be used with many forms of spray equipment. While HVLP systems are the most common method of application, many other... Read More »

  • How do I ensure a consistent application from operator to operator?

    When applying a release agent with manual spray it is important to establish a baseline throughput to maintain a consistent spray. Required... Read More »


  • Ancillary Molding Products for Shoe Soling

    Chem-Trend offers a complete line of mold cleaners designed to address the needs of virtually any type of polyurethane manufacturing process.... Read More »

  • Release Agents for Shoe Soling

    Chem-Trend release agents are specifically tailored for use with either polyester or polyether foam systems. Our decades of experience working... Read More »

  • Shoe Soling Polyurethane

    Polyurethane systems for footwear soling can be based on either polyester or polyether polyols. These two system types have individually unique... Read More »

  • MDI / pMDI

    MDI and pMDI are utilized in a wide range of applications related to molded, formed and pressed materials. Chem-Trend has a long established... Read More »


  • Ancillary Molding Products

    Mold Cleaners for Polyurethane Molding

    Chem-Trend® Mold Cleaners are designed to address the needs of virtually any type... Read More »

  • Mold Release Agents

    Our mold release agents for polyurethane provide a competitive advantage to the largest and smallest manufacturers alike. We offer both water- and... Read More »