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  • Moldeo rotacional

    Chem-Trend ha ganado una extensa reputación como líder en el apoyo de moldeo rotacional en todo el mundo a través de nuestro... Read More »

  • Procesamiento de termoplásticos

    La historia dela marca Lusin® de Chem-Trend dentro de la industria de los termoplásticos comenzó hace ya más... Read More »

News and Event

  • Neue Lusin®-Reinigungsgranulate für die Kappen- und Verschlussherstellung

    Die Reinigungsgranulate Lusin® Clean 1060 und 1061 von Chem-Trend verbessern die Betriebsleistung, senken die Ausschussrate, sparen Geld und... Read More »

  • Novo agente de purga ajuda a reduzir custos e otimiza fabricação de produtos em PMMA

    O Lusin® Clean 1010, da Chem-Trend, realiza limpeza completa de extrusoras e máquinas de moldagem por injeç... Read More »

  • Optimales Oberflächenfinish für das Rotationsform-Verfahren

    Mit dem Flow Promoter bietet Chem-Trend die ideale Ergänzung zum Trennmittel

    Maisach, 19. Mai 2014 –

    ... Read More »


    Chem-Trend will be present at FIMEC in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in support of advancing the polyurethane, rubber, and thermoplastics industries. Chem-... Read More »

  • Chem-Trend Saves Time and Costs with New Thermoplastic Elastomers Processing Compound

    New purging compound Lusin® Clean 1020 perfect for thorough cleaning of extruders and injection molding machines

    ... Read More »

  • Reliable lubrication of ejector pins in the injection moulding process

    Lusin® Lub PY 300 F high-temperature lubricant: suitable for all polymers and environmentally sound

    Maisach,... Read More »

  • Fakuma

    Chem-Trend continues participation in the growth and development of thermoplastics by exhibiting at Fakuma in Hall B, Stand 4213. Our... Read More »

White Papers & Brochures

  • PET Packaging Aids for the Food Processing Industry

    Chem-Trend has been a leader in the external process materials sector, and continues to innovate with our products focused on the Packaging Aids... Read More »