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News and Event

  • Plastimagen Mexico

    Chem-Trend will continue its participation in the growth and development of the plastics industry in Latin America by exhibiting at Plastimagen... Read More »

  • SPE Automotive TPO Global Conference

    Chem-Trend continues its participation in the growth and development of thermoplastics within the automotive industry by exhibiting at the SPE... Read More »

Case Study


  • Plastic Compounding

    Thermoplastic compounding is a process of refining plastics to the characteristic profiles required for the parts that are to be made. The... Read More »

  • Thermoplastic

    The injection molding process mainly uses thermoplastic materials, but it can also be found in other material processing, such as Polyurethane and... Read More »

  • Thermoplastic

    In thermoplastic extrusion, plastics are molded in one continuous process by a specially shaped nozzle. Thermoplastic extrusion is a very broad... Read More »

  • Injection Molding

    Injection molding is a very common manufacturing process employing a wide variety of raw materials. Chem-Trend has a long history of working... Read More »


  • Mold Release Agents

    Optimization of cycle time, consistency of surface finish, reduction of post mold operations prior to painting, gluing or welding are all... Read More »

  • Mold Maintenance Products

    Chem-Trend has developed a broad portfolio of Lusin® brand mold maintenance products for the thermoplastics industry. This... Read More »

  • Purge Compounds

    Thermoplastic processors understand that their operational efficiency and bottom line are negatively affected by machine down-time and scrap... Read More »