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  • Extrusion

    The process of forming and molding parts through extrusion is utilized with a wide range of raw materials to make many different types of end... Read More »

  • Compression Molding

    Compression molding is utilized to form a wide range of different types of parts from a variety of raw materials. Chem-Trend has developed... Read More »

  • Blown Film

    The manufacture of plastic film for products such as shopping bags is achieved using a blown film line. This process is the same as a regular... Read More »

  • Blow Molding

    Blow molding is a collective term for the production of hollow bodies such as bottles and containers made ​​of thermoplastic materials. There are... Read More »

  • Thermoplastic Resin

    Thermoplastic processing involves transferring melted (viscous) materials with thermoplastic characteristics (soften when heated) into some form... Read More »

  • Binding Agents / Resins

    Chem-Trend has developed and manufactured mold release agents and related process chemicals... Read More »

News and Event

  • New Chem-Trend Product for PET Improves Quality and Efficiency

    Lusin® Lub O 32 F minimizes surface scratching; protects machine components

    Howell, Michigan, USA... Read More »

  • Thorough cleaning of extruders and injection molding machines in the processing of PMMA

    New purging compound Lusin® Clean 1010 helps to save both time and costs

    Maisach, Germany – With... Read More »

  • Chem-Trend names new Thermoplastic industry partner for the Netherlands

    Maisach, Germany – Chem-Trend, leading supplier of aids for processing plastics, and CS Plastics, a distributor specialising in... Read More »

  • New NSF Registered Reliable Anti-Corrosion Agent for Use in the Thermoplastic Industry

    Chem-Trend expands its portfolio of NSF registered products

    Maisach, Germany – With Lusin®... Read More »