Chem-Trend die casting ancillaries

Process Enhancing Ancillary Products for Improving Die Cast Results

Die casting is a complex and challenging process. The conditions are very hard on the machines, dies and tools. To help extend the life of these investments, and keep equipment in operating condition Chem-Trend has developed a wide range of ancillary die casting products to support your operation.

Anti-Solder Paste

Chem-Trend® anti-solder paste loosens solder, a common die casting problem, and allows it to be easily removed.

Hot Spot Greases

The presence of localized hot spots, a contributing factor to soldering, may be economically addressed through the use of our hot spot greases.

Quench Compounds

Chem-Trend® quench compounds are designed to be added into the quench water tank to eliminate the potential for corrosion on the casting surface.

Ladle Coats

Chem-Trend® ladle coatings prevent soldering, contamination of the alloy and promote easy transfer of molten metals to significantly extend the life of tooling and equipment used for molten metal transfer, saving costs and down time.

To find out how our ancillary products for the die cast industry might help your operation lower operating costs, improve part quality and increase efficiency contact us.

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