Molding Aids

A Comprehensive Line of Innovative Mold Maintenance Products

Chem-Trend is a globally recognized leader in the development and production of high performance Mold Maintenance Products for multiple molding, forming and casting applications. Our experience in this area began five decades ago with a primary focus on the need for ready-to-use products that reduced our customers’ on-line costs and improved the efficiency of their operations. In addition to reducing downtime and scrap rates, and extending mold life, our Mold Maintenance Products help our customers achieve optimum finished product appearance.

Our comprehensive line of molding aids is developed to work in unison with our release agents to help maximize your productivity, quality and profitability. Our broad portfolio of production enhancing products for molding, casting and forming operations fall into these broad categories:

  • Mold Cleaners
    • Designed for multiple industry applications including polyurethane, rubber, thermoplastic, composite and wood composite processing.
  • Mold Coatings, Mold Protectors, Mold Treatments and Anti-Corrosion Agents
    • Designed to protect molds for many different applications during both their usage and storage.
  • Lubricants
    • Designed for thermoplastic processing operations.
  • Degreasers
    • Designed for thermoplastic processing operations.
  • Die Casting Ancillaries
    • Designed to lubricate and protect many of the moving parts and die components found in today’s modern die casting operations.

Mold Cleaners

Our system approach to product development has allowed us to co-develop a series of complimentary mold cleaning products that help maximize overall release performance. Because of our industry leading approach to working directly with our customers, we bring a dedicated team of professionals to action, determining just the right mold cleaner for your molding equipment. Chem-Trend® mold cleaners are formulated to powerfully, but safely, attack mold build-up from a variety of sources – including the material being molded, the release agent being used and any process impurities. These highly engineered cleaners are designed to remove oils, waxes, colors, silicones, contaminants and resinous deposits from both pre-production mold preparation and in-line molding applications. Our cleaners are developed to:

  • Reduce down time due to lengthy cleaning processes
  • Make residue on molds easier to remove
  • Eliminate extensive manpower and/or special equipment intensive cleaning operations
  • Prevent damage to molds by eliminating manual scraping

Mold Coatings, Protectors, Primers, Sealers, Treatments and Anti-Corrosion Agents

  • Mold Coatings are developed mainly for the tire manufacturing industry and impact the tire molding process by:
    • Keeping tire molds in service for longer between cleanings
    • Helping the release of tires with complex patterns from their molds
    • Aiding the flow of difficult tire compounds, especially those containing silica fillers
    • Helping reduce corrosion on steel sidewall plates during storage
    • Enhancing the finished tire appearance
  • Mold Protectors are designed for uses in multiple molding, forming and casting applications and can either be the dry polymeric film type or the more mobile variety. The dry polymeric film type provide good short-term mold corrosion protection, with the added benefit of assisting in mold start-up, while the more mobile variety are designed with long-term storage of molds in mind.
  • Mold Primers and Sealers are specific to the composites industry and are an integral part of the Primer/Sealer/Release Agent combination ("the release system"). When a “release system” approach is utilized within composite molding applications there are notable benefits in the areas of mold release ease, finish quality and the number of releases per application of the release agent. When the primers and sealers are matched with a chosen mold release agent, they provide excellent preparation of the mold surface to leverage the qualities of the release agent in order to provide additional benefits and value.
  • Mold Treatments have been developed to meet the specific objectives of helping improve finished tire appearance and improving the efficiency of the tire molding process. Our product portfolio includes an array of water-based mold treatment products designed for application at a range of frequencies. The product line has been continuously evolved to help our customers improve efficiency, tire quality and tire appearance while reducing overall process costs.
  • Anti-Corrosive Agents provide for the long or mid-term protection of molds to keep them in the best condition for future serviceability. Together with our customers we have developed products that meet the demands for long-term protection, and can either be easily removed, or remain on the mold, when needed. Our Anti-Corrosive Agents:
    • Protect metal surfaces against the attack of water, oxygen or other corrosive agents, which are common catalysts of rust.
    • Fight against corrosion, which damages the metal surface of molds eventually weakening and destroying the mold.
    • Work effectively in high humidity or high salt environments.


Our portfolio of lubricants for ejector pins and locator plugs is developed specifically for plastic injection molding industries. The application of our lubricants will eliminate and prevent the breakage and seizing of ejector pins. Our heavy duty lubricating film offers outstanding performance under conditions of extreme pressure and loading for all moving and mechanical parts. The residual film helps displace moisture and provides excellent lubrication and protection against corrosion.


Our degreasers are developed to remove contamination (e.g. waxes, oils, greases) from metal, glass or plastic surfaces without attacking or etching them.

Die Casting Ancillaries

Die casting operations have many moving parts operating under extreme conditions of temperature and load. Based upon our fifty years of experience serving the die cast industry we have developed a total range of products to serve these challenging applications. Our portfolio spans from water-resistant, heat conductive assembly lubricants to high-temperature and high-performance pin and toggle lubricants. We also have developed a variety of die dressings to prepare cold dies, treat hot spots, remove solder or provide protection to ladles and furnace components.

Global leadership through a focus on our customers

Over the years Chem-Trend has developed many innovative mold maintenance solutions, such as:

  • Solvent free and environmental friendly carbon dioxide based mold maintenance aerosols.
  • A range of specialized protective materials that provide up to 12 months of mold protection.
  • Low solvent content or solvent-free products available for some applications.
  • Ready-to-use products.
  • An NSF registered range of products for the thermoplastic processing industry.

Learn more about Chem-Trend's Mold Maintenance Products. Our extensive portfolio has brought new solutions to common problems in multiple industries and has created new ways to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs in areas where little focus had previously been given. That approach toward our customer’s processes is what sets Chem-Trend apart.

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    Chem-Trend Thermoplastics Mold Maintenance Products

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Common Questions:

  • What process aids are available to assist with difficult areas or damaged tooling?

    Paste waxes provide an excellent barrier for starting up on clean molds. These materials provide protection in scratched, cold, or high pressure areas, and provide a durable layer that will help to minimize complications due to defects on the metal surface. Mold sealers improve the performance of the release agent by creating an optimal surface to release the parts from. Sealers are applied only to freshly cleaned tools but the benefit lasts throughout the production and cleaning cycle.

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