Chem-Trend offers more solutions, for more industries, in more parts of the world than any other release agent company, putting us in a very unique position to help our customers solve their molding, casting and forming production problems.

  • An Iconic Innovation

    Chem-Trend’s products are already industry icons across the world. To make sure nothing gets lost in translation as our composite products travel from country to country, we’ve created visual icons to represent our cleaners, primers, sealers and release agents. Our icons help to ensure you’re using the right products for every job in any language.

  • Value-Adding Solutions for Molding and Casting Operations Globally

    Learn how Chem-Trend's customized industry solutions optimize molding and casting processes worldwide.

  • An Agent of Change

    Composite Molding

    A breakthrough that will forever change molding, Chem-Trend's new Zyvax® release agent will revolutionize the way you see composite molding. Clean molds, clean parts, clean air...upgrade to Chem-Trend. 

  • Composite Molding Challenges and Solutions

    Composite Molding

    Watch our Chemlease® RTM systems video to see how we meet the challenges of resin transfer molding with a comprehensive system of products.

  • Chem-Trend Corporate Overview


    Advances in Mold Release Technology

  • Chem-Trend Enables Manufacturing


    Release Agents are Part of Everyday Life

  • Chem-Trend is For You


    Chem-Trend brings value to customers, to community, to you. Come grow with us!

  • Chem-Trend: We Touch the Products that Touch Your Life


    Where innovation meets manufacturing and performance, you'll find Chem-Trend.

  • Compression Molding Simulation

    Rubber Molding

    Watch our short simulation video on Compression Molding to see how Chem-Trend products can work in your process.

  • Effective Release Solutions for Rubber Molding

    Rubber Molding

    Learn how to enhance part quality and achieve optimal results for rubber molding with Chem-Trend industry solutions that perform.

  • Transfer Molding Simulation

    Rubber Molding

    See how our short molding simulation shows you how Chem-Trend products increase production and quality, while lowering scrap rates.

  • A World of Colors

    Thermoplastic Processing

    Chem-Trend's Ultra Purge™ brand of high-performance purging compounds and Lusin® mold maintenance products deliver high-performance solutions for thermoplastics processors. It's time...make the change for your operation!

  • Chem-Trend Purging Compounds Animation

    Thermoplastic Processing

    Watch how Chem-Trend's purging compounds lead the industry in value and performance.

  • Go with the Flow

    Thermoplastic Processing

    Just as there is a perfect top for every pot, there is a right purge compound to fit the Melt Flow Index (MFI) of your caps and closure production. Chem-Trend’s Ultra Purge™ brand of purging compounds are formulated to address the challenges of MFI issues and can help you find the right purge to meet the different requirements of your production process.

  • Lost and Found

    Thermoplastic Processing

    Searching for greater operational efficiency and increased profitability? Let Chem-Trend's line of Ultra Purge™ purging compounds help you find it.

  • Lubricants for Thermoplastics Processing

    Thermoplastic Processing

    See our industry-standard lubricants for thermoplastics processing in action.

  • Mold Cleaners for Thermoplastics Processing

    Thermoplastic Processing

    For over 50 years Chem-Trend has been producing some of the best specialty chemicals in the industry, and our Mold Cleaners are no exception.

  • Process Aids for Thermoplastics Processing

    Thermoplastic Processing

    Chem-Trend's Lusin® product line video will show you why our products perform and provide value around the globe.

  • Protective Agents for Thermoplastics Processing

    Thermoplastic Processing

    Chem-Trend’s Anti-Corrosion Agents lead the industry in performance and value. Watch our video to learn more about how our products can improve your process.

  • Purging Compounds Overview

    Thermoplastic Processing

    Ultra Purge products lead the way in purge compounds. They have performed year over year in your plants all over the globe. Watch our video to learn more about why we are a leading global provider of purging compounds.

  • Release Agents for Thermoplastics Processing

    Thermoplastic Processing

    Learn about our release agents for thermoplastics processing including silicone and silicone-free formulations designed for a range of operating temperatures.

  • The Problem of Black Spots

    Thermoplastic Processing

    We all know the problem...the problem of black spots. When it comes to processing plastics, they lead to challenges, reduce productivity and increase the defects in your products. Chem-Trend's Ultra Purge brand of high-performance purging compounds and Lusin® mold maintenance products can help solve those challenges, then watch the transformation in your thermoplastics processing operations as your black spots disappear.

  • Innovative Solutions for the Tire Industry

    Tire Retreading

    Chem-Trend Tire Solutions add value throughout the production chain

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