History of Chem-Trend's brands

Chem-Trend has built a strong brand portfolio of process aids

Over its more than 50 years in business, Chem-Trend has been associated with some of the most well-known brands in molding, casting and forming operations. Names like Safety-Lube™, Mono-Coat®, Lusin® and Pura™ have developed a global reputation for quality and effectiveness.

Chemlease® - 1985

The Chemlease® brand was originally established by Chemlease International, Inc., a privately-owned manufacturer of release agents based in Boca Raton, Florida, U.S.A. In 1998 Chem-Trend acquired Chemlease International, Inc. and its Chemlease® brand of products. The successful integration of the product line and global distribution network of Chemlease®, a well-known and respected provider of innovative release agents for the composites industry, helped solidify Chem-Trend’s commitment and leadership to the industry segment.


Huron Technologies - 1991

Huron Technologies was originally established in 1991 and headquartered in Leslie, Michigan, U.S.A. In 2016 Chem-Trend acquired the Huron Technologies business. The successful integration of the full product line, technology, manufacturing and process know-how, raw material sources and customer segments of Huron Technologies, a worldwide source of customized mold release agents and related products for multiple molding applications, helped Chem-Trend to provide an increasingly wide range of molding solutions to the polyurethane industry while providing unique growth opportunities into other segments, such as friction products and concrete molding.

Hydrolease® - 2004

Following our success in developing a line of value adding products, including release agents, mold cleaners and mold sealers for the composites industry we decided to expand upon the Chemlease® line of products. In 2004 we introduced the Hydrolease® brand of products to the composites industry. These were Chem-Trend's first water-based products for high-gloss FRP composite applications. 

Lusin® - 1952

The Lusin® trademark is the oldest trademark in the Chem-Trend portfolio, dating back almost 60 years, even pre-dating the start of Chem-Trend. The Lusin® trademark came about as a combination of letters from the company that originated it. The name Lusin® actually stood for Lange und Seidel im Nürnberg, which means Lange & Seidel (the company) in Nuremberg (the company’s original location in the city of Nuremberg, Germany). Lange & Seidel specialized in making a variety of process aids for the lubrication of machinery and equipment for plastics molding, and metal welding operations. The company was purchased in the mid-70s by Klüber Lubrication which combined it with another company it had purchased to form Klüber Chemie Deutschland (KCD). In 2005 KCD became a part of Chem-Trend, and with it came the Lusin® brand and its strong heritage of well over five decades of experience, technology and thermoplastic processing know-how.


Metalstar® - 1973

The Metalstar® trademark was originated by Klüber Lubrication of Munich, Germany. It was created to embody a line of specialized ancillary products developed for the Die Cast industry. In 2005 Chem-Trend added the European Die Cast business of Klüber Lubrication to its already strong, and globally recognized, Die Cast business, and with it came the well regarded portfolio of Metalstar® products to its line.

Mono-Coat® - 1962

The Mono-Coat® trademark was first utilized by Chem-Trend back in the early 60’s, but it was not formally registered as a trademark until 1982, some 20 years after its first use. The Mono-Coat® name was originally utilized for a range of mold release agent products developed and manufactured by Chem-Trend which were utilized in a variety of industries and applications. However, eventually the Mono-Coat® name came to refer to a line of semi-permanent release agents formulated for specific uses in rubber molding applications.


Mono-Lube® - 1991

Upon entering into the Tire industry, Chem-Trend established the name Mono-Lube® for its suite of products for that industry. The name was developed to reflect both the similarities, and the differences between release agent technology for the rubber industry and the tire industry. Today, the name Mono-Lube® is synonymous with quality, value and dependability in tire plants around the globe.


Perma-Mold® - 1957

The Perma-Mold® trademark was originated by the Brulin Corporation in the late 50s. Brulin, which had an excellent reputation, and had developed a line of advanced water-based mold release technology, was actually one of the places where Chem-Trend’s founder, Peer Lorentzen had worked when he first emigrated to the U.S. from Denmark. Peer was one of the people who helped develop Brulin’s strong line of mold releases in the late 1950s. Chem-Trend acquired the Perma-Mold® product line of release agents and the trademark in 1991 to help expand our expertise, technology, service and line of products for the polyurethane industry.

Power-Lube® - 1993

The Power-Lube® brand was created by Chem-Trend and has been utilized for our range of plunger lubricants for the die casting industry. When the brand started in the early 90s it was developed as an alternative to conventional oil-based plunger lubricants. Over the years the product line has advanced to be an industry leader in providing cleaner, more effective and more health, safety and environmentally (HSE) relevant alternatives to oil-based plunger lubricants.


Pura® - 1979

The Pura® brand of release agents for the polyurethane industry was originally established by Pura International Hapke GmbH and Co., which was purchased by Air Products GmbH in 1991. Chem-Trend then purchased the Pura® division of Air Products in 1997 to aid in the further growth of our leading technologies in the area of polyurethane release agents. The addition of the Pura® product line, its manufacturing facility in Norderstedt, Germany, its R & D laboratory and multiple experienced people helped us to better serve customers in Europe and around the globe.

Safety-Lube® - 1962

Safety-Lube® is Chem-Trend’s oldest internally created trademark. It was developed for our die cast industry product line, the second industry segment that Chem-Trend became involved in after its establishment in 1960. The Safety-Lube® name originates from the fact that in the early 1960s the die cast industry utilized a lot of graphite-based, and oil/solvent-based, die lubricants in their process. These die lubricants sometimes caught fire in the process, and they resulted in less than ideal working environments due to the smoke, and the black soot, which was created by their use. The “Safety” part of the trademark reflected the fact that Chem-Trend had first developed a graphite free die lubricant, and followed that up with the first commercially viable water-based die lubricants. These new innovations allowed for safer working conditions and working environments within die cast facilities. At the time, Chem-Trend also trademarked the name Safety-Lube Super™, but the use of that name was later discontinued.

Zyvax® - 1992

The Zyvax® brand was originally established by Zyvax Inc., a privately-owned manufacturer of release systems based in Ellijay, Georgia, U.S.A. In 2013 Chem-Trend acquired the Zyvax® business. The successful integration of the broad product line, technology and distribution network of Zyvax®, a well-known and respected provider of innovative release systems for the composites industry, helped Chem-Trend to provide an increasingly wide range of molding solutions to both the advanced composites and traditional FRP markets and solidified our commitment and leadership to the composites segment.

Ultra Purge - 1998

The Ultra Purge brand is a well-known high performance line of purging compound technologies originally established by Moulds Plus International, a privately-owned manufacturer of purging compounds headquartered in Villalvernia, Italy. In 2016 Chem-Trend acquired the Ultra Purge business. The successful integration of the Ultra Purge brand, product and processing technologies and other business assets helped Chem-Trend to provide an even greater portfolio of purging compounds and solutions for thermoplastics applications including injection molding, hot runners, caps and closures, PET preforms, blow molding extrusion, film extrusion, automotive and more.

Other Trademarks Previously Owned by Chem-Trend, 1970s – 2000s:

Chem-Trend has always been an innovation oriented company: constantly exploring new markets, technologies and industry applications. Our heritage of innovation can be easily seen in our extensive portfolio of current, and previous, trademarks. Although none of the following trademarks still have active registrations maintained, we are still proud of the technologies and advancement in industry that they represent.

RDP™ - 1977
RDP was an innovative product that Chem-Trend developed in the 1970s as a multi-purpose lubricant that stopped rust and displaced moisture. It was found to be an extremely helpful product for a wide variety of uses and applications. It became a great general purpose product purchased by consumers and industry alike. Chem-Trend decided to stop making RDP to focus more on our specialized products formulated for customers within specific industries of focus.

Hydro-Tool™, Hydro-Cool™, Aqua-Tool™ and Aqua-Cool™ - 1980: Safety-Cool™ - 1981: Euro-Cool™ - 1986
For many years Chem-Trend was involved in the metal working fluids business and these trademarks were established for multiple lines of products for that industry. Chem-Trend exited that line of business in the 1990s as part of a strategic change by Burmah Castrol, its owner at the time.

RPM™ - 1986
RPM was the trademark that Chem-Trend originally established to represent its line of release agents for processes related to plastic. The name was eventually discontinued as other brands, such as Lusin®, became more focussed within the market.

Safety-Draw™, Safety-Film™, Safety-Fluid™, Safety-Formula™, Safety-Compound™, Stick-Wax™ and Come-Clean™ - 1987
These trademarks represent a variety of products and applications from cleaners to corrosion inhibitors to lubricants. Most were developed for metal working operations and were no longer part of Chem-Trend’s core business after the late 1990s.

Hydroclean™ - 2003
This trademark was originally created to represent a line of water-based cleaning products, but was never fully established. We instead chose to market our water-based products through the brands that had already existed and were strongly established within their respective industries.

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