Peer Lorentzen

Chem-Trend’s unique history
is a success story of the entrepreneurial spirit

We are Chem-Trend. We sell solutions. Sometimes the solutions come in a drum or can, sometimes they come from the ideas of one of our sales or technical support people.

We started very small. An immigrant from Denmark, chemical engineer Peer Lorentzen, working in the small town of Howell, Michigan, had an idea. He wanted to develop a better release agent for polyurethane molding than the floor wax that many in the industry were hand wiping onto their molds. He experimented, in his kitchen at night, with his wife Birgit who was a chemist. They came up with a spray-on process aid, that worked better than the industry standards at the time. He sent out samples. Potential customers liked them. He decided to give it a go, and see if he could make a business out of it. Chem-Trend was born in 1960.

Within a short time orders were flooding in and Chem-Trend began to grow. We focused on solving a problem, became a market leader and transformed an industry. Soon, Peer discovered another opportunity to solve an industry problem. Die lubricants of the time created hazardous working conditions. Experts in the die cast industry thought water-base die lubricants could never work, but the industry needed to change. Chem-Trend developed Safety-Lube®, and another industry was transformed. Brighter, cleaner casting became possible with corresponding improvements to health, safety and environmental issues of casting facilities. More innovative manufacturing process aids would follow: Safety-Draw™, Mono-Coat®, Mono-Lube, Power-Lube™.

Very early on the business model was established, and is still followed today. We focus on solving industry and customer problems through our highly knowledgeable sales, field technical service, R & D staff, along with select distributors who understand both Chem-Trend’s products and the customer’s process. We are customer focused. We have a commitment to quality, and empower our employees to make decisions to support the needs of our customers.

Chem-Trend went global only a few years after it’s founding, opening an office in Denmark when the company was fewer than fifty employees. Peer Lorentzen eventually retired, and the company is now part of Freudenberg, another well established, principled, family owned company, but the culture formed by the founder and those early employees has never left. Maybe we are bigger now. Our salespeople cover the world. We have manufacturing facilities on four continents. But the Chem-Trend culture is still there. Throughout the organization, you will still find dedicated, knowledgeable employees at Chem-Trend that are focused on our customers. We are Chem-Trend. We sell solutions.

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The history of Chem-Trend highlights our focus on working directly with customers to solve the problems of industry, around the globe.