Sustainability at Chem-Trend

At Chem-Trend, sustainability has always been a part of our core beliefs. From our inception, our deep-rooted values and principles have been in synch with the same future-focused commitment that is so vital to sustainability. We take pride in doing business with the highest of ethics and making responsible choices that reflect a long-term vision.

2018 Sustainability Report

2018 Sustainability ReportSince our founding in 1960, we have always focused on the ideals of sustainability. We continue to aspire to not only minimize our impact, or footprint, on the environment, but also to leverage our expertise and innovation capability to maximize our customers’ sustainability, which becomes our handprint. In Chem-Trend's Sustainability Report, we share with you our approach to delivering on our commitment to sustainability through our advanced technology, environmentally conscious products and a laser-focus on efficiency. View or download the Chem-Trend 2018 Sustainability Report.


Chem-Trend's reduced footprintWe commit to minimizing our environmental impact through sustainable practices in the innovation of our products and technology; in our manufacturing processes; in the operations of our facilities including our plants, laboratories, offices and campus grounds; and in our materials purchased. We seek to leverage opportunities to improve our footprint and make greener choices wherever and whenever we can.

Our team includes an experienced staff dedicated to issues of environmental protection, and every one of our employees is encouraged to incorporate solutions for sustainability into their daily work. We strive to achieve material and energy efficiency in our operations as well as reduced emissions and waste through efforts such as operational best practices, using renewable materials, recycling, strict adherence to ISO standards and continuous improvement.


Chem-Trend's maximized handprintWe also seek to maximize our impact as a sustainability enabler through our reach with our customers. Through our products and services we enable our customers to efficiently use their materials and resources, maintain a safe workplace and minimize their impact on the environment, thus improving their own footprint.

Chem-Trend helps customers conserve materials and reduce resource consumption through effective and environmentally conscious solutions that allow for optimized use of raw materials, extended service intervals, use of lightweight and recycled materials, energy optimization, improved productivity, and reduced emissions and waste.

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