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Foundry operations are a fairly broad category. Basically, they involve the process of pouring liquid metal into a mold for the purpose of making parts in a desired shape. This process has existed for many centuries, but is continually being advanced with different metal alloys, different mold types and different operation parameters. Within every foundry operation there is a need for some type of solution to the constant challenge of releasing the formed part from its mold without damaging the part. In many cases, the challenge also exists to do this while also not damaging the mold, which is often an expensive investment. These are the problems Chem-Trend has been focused on solving for over fifty years, one customer at a time.

In the past, the mold materials used in metal casting were poor conductors of heat, resulting in long cycle times to produce a casting. Today the push within most industry applications is for faster and faster cycle times to improve efficiency and reduce production costs. As well, in many foundry processes – such as sand casting, investment casting and lost foam casting – the mold had to be destroyed to remove the casting.

Alternatively, the use of precisely dimensioned reusable steel molds to make castings is commonly called permanent mold casting. In the early history of this process, the cavity was filled by gravity and later by pressurized air. These processes came to be known as low-pressure die casting. However, as the parts grew larger and more complex, greater injection pressures became necessary to fill the cavity completely before the metal solidified. This process is called high-pressure die casting and is conventionally what’s meant today when people talk about die casting. These “newer” methods of casting metal presented an entirely new set of problems for foundry operations regarding the repeatable release of high quality parts from their molds, and the usable service life of those molds.

The needs and principles of production component lubrication are quite different for the various metal-casting processes outlined above. Chem-Trend has a long history of developing high performance products for metal casting operations and we offer a complete range of products to serve the needs of many of these processes. Our expertise is greatest in the area of high-pressure die casting, due to the extreme demands on the mold and the casting in high-pressure die casting. We are also experienced in, and provide a range of products for, certain types of sand casting operations. We encourage you to contact our experts and see how our problem solvers can help you improve your efficiency and bottom-line.

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