Friction Products

Release Agents for the Manufacture of Braking and Power Transmission Components

The category of friction products refers to parts used mainly in braking and power transmission for a wide range of transportation and other machinery applications. Most common are;

  • Brake shoes
  • Brake disc pads
  • Clutch discs

These products are all manufactured from a combination of an abrasive mixture and a curable binding resin, usually referred to as the “friction mix”. When the friction mix is molded under heat and pressure, a hard, durable surface is created which is ideally suited to the high demands of braking and power transmission systems. Chem-Trend understands very well the challenges that the process of creating friction products has on the mold release cycle. These challenges come from two main sources;

  • The abrasive mixture, which is usually made from a blend of abrasive textiles and shards of various metals, has a tendency to be abrasive to the molds used to form the parts. The mold release must be designed to help protect the mold as it frequently represents a significant investment.
  • The binding resin, which is usually phenolic in chemical type, has a strong affinity for sticking to metal. Phenolic resins are often constituents of tough adhesives, making the release process all the more challenging.

In the case of brake disc pads, it is important to recognize that during the molding process, the friction mix needs to be bonded to a metal backing plate, thus requiring that the release agent located on the mold surface not contaminate the adhesive bond at the interface.

Chem-Trend has over fifty years of experience making mold release agents for challenging situations. We have developed a line of release agents for friction products that is made up of formulations specially designed for the prevailing molding conditions found with these unique parts, and are compatible with post-molding processes.

The release agents we have developed are specially designed to offer;

  • Extremely high dilutions.
  • Minimal contamination of components being molded.
  • Ability to paint molded components without additional preparation steps post molding.
  • Clean release-ease from any mold substrate.
  • Clean running – extremely low build-up on the mold surface.
  • Non-VOC formulations – very safe to use and environmentally friendly.

Chem-Trend release formulations in the friction industry ensure that the working environment around the pressing area is as clean as possible. Clean release ensures that molding flash can be removed from the pressing area very easily, facilitating a clean and neat work area with minimal effort. The result is that pressed parts do not become contaminated with “left-overs” ensuring that molded scrap levels are as low as possible.

A Lot More than Release Agents

Our history of developing leading mold release agents, combined with our many years of experience working directly with customers on their production floors to optimize their molding processes, means that we can help you improve your bottom line. When you purchase Chem-Trend products for friction molding applications you get a lot more than just products, you gain access to a worldwide network of industry professionals committed to developing the right solutions and providing excellent support. It’s all part of our commitment to providing our customers with greater value, performance and dependability.

To find out more about how our products and expertise can help you better work with friction products, contact us.

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