Conventional Release Agents for Rubber Molding

A need for conventional mold release products still exists in the rubber industry today, and we continue to focus a significant amount of energy on the development of new products applicable to this specific section of the rubber industry. Semi-permanent products must be applied as evenly as possible to the whole mold surface to be totally effective, but molds with complicated cavities cannot always be treated evenly with a semi-permanent product. In some cases, parts of mold cavities are sometimes impossible to treat without unacceptable over-application of the product to the areas that are easy to reach.

The solution in this case is to employ a conventional, apply-every-cure, release agent using spray application under a higher pressure. The conventional release agent needs to be diluted to the point where it can be sprayed into the most inaccessible parts of the mold and be effective, without depositing too much of the release agent on easily accessible surfaces. It also follows that molds such as this produce moldings that can be difficult to extract. Conventional release agents are designed with frequent application in mind and therefore are expected to transfer to the molded component. This transfer, or release film mobility, can effectively provide the mold surface with sufficient lubricity that will assist in cleanly de-molding the component.

Our conventional mold release agents for the rubber industry offer:

  • High dilutability, suitable for use with any spray equipment
  • Dilutions that can be “tailored,” depending upon the amount of slip required
  • Excellent applicability for molded parts with very complicated geometry
  • High suitability for application to molds with difficult spray equipment access
  • Very low in-mold build-up/mold fouling

Although we have an extensive array of conventional release agents for particular rubber molding applications, semi-permanent release agents provide great benefits for rubber molders. To understand how your operation would benefit from either a semi-permanent or a conventional release agent product from Chem-Trend contact us to speak with one of our rubber industry experts.

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