Mold Protectors for Rubber Molding

Molds often represent a significant investment in molding operations. These tools are a key element in the operation as they are directly related to efficiency, scrap rates, part quality, downtime and operational costs. Keeping the molds clean and productive is of critical concern to a profitable operation. Chem-Trend understands the importance of maintaining molds in good working condition and has developed a line of high quality mold protectants.

Mold protectors can be the dry polymeric film type that provides good short-term mold corrosion protection with the added benefit of assisting in mold start-up. Or, mold protectors can be the more mobile variety that are designed with the long-term storage of molds in mind.

Our mold protectant products offer:

  • Excellent rust protection for just-cleaned molds
  • Short-term or long-term storage protection options
  • Short-term protection while providing excellent mold start-up
  • Compatibility with either semi-permanent or conventional release agents
  • Long-term storage protection to shut out rust completely
  • Complete mobility for protecting even the tiniest mold detail
  • Easy removal during mold start-up procedures

To learn more about how to extend both the serviciablity and life of your molds contact us and speak with one of our rubber industry experts.

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