Semi-permanent Release Agents for Rubber Molding

Semi-permanent release agents are state-of-the-art and provide the rubber molding industry with an alternative to the traditional “shop-spray” or high volume, apply-every-cure release agent. Chem-Trend has been developing these types of products for the rubber industry for three decades now, and we provide them in either solvent- or water-based varieties.

The trend in the industry is toward the use of water-based release agents since rubber molding is a “hot” process with mold temperatures typically in the 130-200 degrees Celsius (265-390 degrees Fahrenheit) range. There is plenty of heat available to both drive off the water during application to the mold surface and to cure the polymeric film that has been deposited there. Typically, these products are spray-applied to the mold surface using a very low atomization pressure. The objective is to form a mold release film that is as even as possible, maximizing its performance properties. Chem-Trend has been at the forefront in transitioning the rubber molding industry from solvent-based to water-based formulations as technology has progressed.

Our semi-permanent mold release products offer:

  • Very low transfer (contamination) to the molded part
  • High suitability for rubber-to-metal bonding
  • Low levels of in-mold build-up/fouling
  • Promotion of rubber flow
  • Extremely high release-ease
  • Many releases (high durability) between applications
  • Various slip levels
  • Superb release for all polymer types
  • Applicability for all molding processes

Although semi-permanent release agents provide great benefits for rubber molders they are not applicable for all processes. We also have developed an extensive arrary of conventional mold release agents for rubber molding. To understand which type of product would work best in your operation contact us to speak with one of our rubber industry experts.

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