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Purge Compounds and Process Aids Enhance Thermoplastic Operations

Chem-Trend’s Lusin® and Ultra Purge products have been helping those in the thermoplastic industry produce with higher quality, more efficiently for decades. We have developed products and supported customers in the range of thermoplastic processes, including injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, compounding and rotational molding. We utilize that experience to solve problems faced by our customers anywhere around the globe.

Our approach to working hand-in-hand with industry and our customers to generate solutions that overcome their production challenges is behind the wide range of products we have developed for thermoplastic processing. Our portfolio is focused on the goal of increasing quality and productivity while minimizing any adverse impact on the environment, thus adding overall value to our customers’ bottom line.
Chem-Trend carries an extensive portfolio of:

  • Purge Compounds, to clean and extend the useful life of screws, barrels, die sets and tooling.
  • Mold Maintenance Products to improve efficiency, protect molding equipment and ultimately the investment in tooling.
  • Mold Release Agents to maximize process efficiency, reduce scrap and provide final part surface finish that meets end customer requirements.

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Lusin® Products Address Thermoplastic Processing Challenges

Thermoplastic materials are melted and then solidified at lower temperatures; often a cooled mold is used to transform the polymer melt into a desired shape. Although most forms of thermoplastic processing involve some type of extrusion, there is an extensive array of different types of processes, each with slightly different parameters, utilizing different equipment and requiring different processing aids. Chem-Trend’s vast experience, and very different approach toward the development of its Lusin® range of products, serves the needs of all kinds of thermoplastic processes. Our products help improve processing efficiency, and therefore, reduce the costs of the final part being manufactured.

Some of the many challenges that Lusin® products have been developed to address are:

  • Protecting the significant investment required for injection molding tooling. Lusin® products protect the tooling during processing as well as during shipment and storage periods. We have developed multiple manufacturing aids that focus both on making the injection molding process more efficient, as our mold release agents are designed to achieve, and protecting molds and machinery, such as can be accomplished with our anti-corrosion and purge compound products.
  • The problem of buildup of carbonization within the screw, barrel, die set and tooling system machinery is a significant issue in any extrusion process. Carbonization causes processors to suffer loss of efficiency, high scrap rates, and long changeover times. The use of purge compounds is critical to modern plastics processors.

To learn more about the portfolio of products that we have developed to support thermoplastic processing operations, send us a contact form or call us to speak with one of our thermoplastic industry experts.

Many Thermoplastic Processes, Many Ways Lusin® Can Help

Thermoplastic processes are constantly evolving due to continuous innovation in materials, equipment and technology. However, there are five major processes that are most often employed throughout the industry and Chem-Trend has developed advanced Lusin® solutions for addressing the challenges encountered in producing products with each process.

Injection Molding is often used to mass-produce objects with high accuracy, in a short time frame. With this process the cost of the tool is often a significant investment, even for relatively simple tools. Chem-Trend has developed multiple manufacturing aids focused on both making the injection molding process more efficient, such as with the use of our mold release agents, as well as protecting molds and machinery such as our anti-corrosion and purge compound products are designed to achieve.

Blow Molding is a collective term for the production of hollow vessels made of thermoplastic materials. There are several distinct blow molding processes, such as extrusion (continuous or intermittent), stretch or injection. Each type of blow molding process presents its own particular challenges to efficiency and scrap rates and Chem-Trend’s years of experience in the field have driven the development of very specialized products to address the specific challenges of each process.

Extrusion is a broad category in which plastics are molded in one continuous process. Almost all processing of thermoplastics encompasses some type of extrusion, but the primary extrusion process can be broken down into three main sub-categories: pipe and profile, sheet and film, which can be cast or blown. Additionally, calendering is yet another small sub-segment of thermoplastic extrusion. Chem-Trend’s line of products for thermoplastics processing are uniquely formulated to support efficient production utilizing the extrusion process.

Compounding is a process of refining plastics by the addition of additives (fillers, etc.) for achieving specific characteristic profiles. Compounding takes place predominantly in extruders and includes a range of various operations. Chem-Trend’s expertise in the development of products to promote efficiency and lower scrap within thermoplastic processing operations provides us with a unique position to support thermoplastics compounders.

Rotational Molding is used to create thin-walled hollow forms by applying powdered thermoplastic layer by layer on the inner surfaces of a mold through biaxial rotation combined with heat. The release agent plays a critical role in the correct formation of rotomolded parts as it needs to perform several tasks. Rotational molding delivers a very different set of challenges than those found in thermoplastic extrusion processes. Because of Chem-Trend’s broad experience with multiple molding and casting processes we have developed a strong array of products specifically designed for meeting the challenges found in rotational molding.

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  • Purge Compounds

    Chem-Trend’s Lusin® and Ultra Purge brands of purging compounds have a significant positive impact on processing efficiency, scrap rates, tool & die life and the length of change-over time and equipment maintenance by removing carbon buildup in screw and barrel assemblies, as well as on die sets and tooling.

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  • Mold Maintenance Products

    Chem-Trend’s Lusin® cleaners, protective agents and lubricants offer excellent protection from rust and keep your expensive tooling clean and operating efficiently to maximize productivity and performance.

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  • Mold Release Agents

    Chem-Trend’s range of Lusin® brand silicone and silicone-free mold release agents is developed to improve efficiency, lower scrap and reduce your operational costs by addressing thermoplastic processing challenges.

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