Thermoplastic mold release agents

Thermoplastic Mold Release Agents: Leveraging Fifty Years of Experience

Optimization of cycle time, consistency of surface finish, reduction of post mold operations prior to painting, gluing or welding are all important factors in thermoplastic processing operations. Chem-Trend understands these issues. With over 50 years of experience developing and manufacturing some of the highest performing mold release agents around the world, for multiple industries and applications, Chem-Trend is the right partner for release agents in the thermoplastics field. Our Lusin® brand release agents for thermoplastic processes (watch a video to find out more) have been developed with this experience as a baseline. However, beyond the normal challenges of releasing parts, there are other challenges which our thermoplastic mold release products are designed to address. Such as;

  • During the startup of production degraded polymer tends to stick in the mold more than during regular production.
  • The formation of flow lines, which are often a problem in polycarbonate processing.

Our products have been developed to tackle these types of problems, and provide these advantages to your operations;

  • Lower release agent usage rate – our products are more powerful, and we offer multi-release varieties.
  • Less scrap due to better release ease and fewer sticking parts.
  • Applications for a wide range of processing temperatures.
  • Silicone and non-silicone based products to address post molding operational needs.
  • Improved surface quality, avoid stress cracking.
  • Form a film on preform and film surfaces to minimize scratching during downstream processing.

Our range of Lusin® brand silicone and silicone-free mold release agents for thermoplastics operations are developed to improve efficiency, lower scrap and reduce your operational costs.

For more detailed information, read our thermoplastics release agents frequently asked questions and our Mold Maintenance Products brochure.

To learn more about how our many years of experience developing specialized products for thermoplastic processing operations around the globe can be put to use for you, contact us.

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