Outside Tire Paints

Outside tire paints are applied to the outside of each tire, prior to vulcanization, to provide improved air-bleed and rubber flow, as well as to enhance the finished tire appearance.

Chem-Trend supplies a wide range of water-based outside tire paints that have each been specifically formulated to provide industry leading performance in the areas of:

  • Good film forming characteristics on the tire surface permitting lower coat-weights.
  • Reduced mold fouling characteristics.
  • Quick dry times.
  • Minimal transfer from the treated tires to operator’s hands and clothing.
  • Optimum finished tire appearance.
  • Minimal impact on rubber-to-rubber adhesion.

Application to the outside of the tire is usually conducted with the use of various automated or hand-held spray methods. For some specific applications they may be applied by brush or by wiping with a sponge.

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Common Questions:

  • What is Outside Tire Paint and why is it used?

    An outside tire paint is a coating applied to the outside of each tire to ensure any air trapped between the tire surface and the mold surface can escape, this helps assure good rubber flow during the molding process. These paints also help to provide a uniform external tire appearance.

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