Tire retreading

Release Agents for Tire Retreading Applications

Chem-Trend understands the unique processes used in the tire retreading industry and has developed solutions to help improve process efficiency – particularly in the areas of molding pre-cured treads and treating curing envelopes.

Mold Coatings for Molding Pre-cured Tread Strips

Specific water-based, semi-permanent mold treatments have been developed by Chem-Trend to help reduce the number of times a mold needs treating per shift. These coatings reduce the amount of material required to treat the molds and provide for a better surface appearance of the finished tire tread. They have been specifically developed to improve rubber flow – ensuring each tread block is filled and has sharp clean edges – as well as to aid the release of the cured tread from the mold. When applied as recommended, these coatings also help limit the build-up of mold fouling, thus allowing molds to stay in service for longer periods between cleaning cycles.

Curing Envelope Coating

Chem-Trend has developed a highly innovative room temperature curing envelope treatment has also been developed with the specific aim of improving the efficiency of the tire retreading process. The product is easily applied to the working surface of the curing envelope using a sponge or a brush; there is no need to remove any talc or residue from the curing envelope. The resulting film cures at room-temperature to provide a coating that can last the life of the curing envelope without any reapplication. The coating provides excellent slip so the curing envelope can conform to the contours of the tread pattern and tire shape when the vacuum is pulled. Additionally, it acts as a very effective barrier against the problem of sticking caused by excess tread cement (adhesive) oozing from the edge of pre-cured treads in the process of being cured to a prepared casing. After cure, it facilitates the easy removal of the envelope from the finished re-treaded tire. These excellent slip and mold release properties lead to an extended curing envelope life – customers report up to twice the average life achieved when using this coating.

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