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A Wealth of Experience to Support Molding Operations and Mold Makers

Although Chem-Trend does not make or sell molds, our 50-plus years of experience working with mold users and mold manufactures has provided us with a wealth of knowledge about the care and maintenance of molds. In most molding operations the molds represent a significant cost. It is imperative that they be kept clean and in prime working condition, that their downtime is limited and that their serviceable life is extended for as long as possible to leverage the significant investment made in them.

Chem-Trend release agent products are designed not only to enhance the ease of the molding process, but also to provide additional benefits – enhancing part quality and production efficiency, reducing scrap and helping to maintain the surface quality and long term usefulness of the molds. Additionally, in almost all industries that we serve, we have developed products whose primary function is to clean and/or protect the molds utilized. We have specialized products developed for use in:

Caring for Molds Used in Composites Applications

Molds utilized in the manufacture of composite pieces are typically made of either composite materials themselves, or out of metal. Molds made from composites should be allowed to “season” for several days before being put into production. However, ‘seasoning” is not always possible due to production demands. A “green” mold (not fully seasoned) is vulnerable to both chemical and mechanical attacks as a part of the molding process. Metallic molds, although not susceptible to the same chemical changes that take place within the matrix of a composite tool, nevertheless, need protecting from chemical and mechanical attack, especially when new.

Chem-Trend has developed a full range of products designed for both types of molds utilized in the composites industry. Learn more about protecting your tooling investment.

Products to Support Die Casting Operations

Tool maintenance in die casting includes the molds used to make the casting as well as parts of the die cast machine such as ejector pins and plates, ladles and spray heads. Related process equipment like trim presses, furnaces and dilution systems can also benefit from Chem-Trend ancillary products. Learn more about how our products can help your die cast operations.

Products for Molds Used in Rubber Applications

Molds utilized in rubber molding processes are a key factor in determining the end quality of the parts being produced, the efficiency of the process, the rate of scrap and downtime. The molds themselves also often represent a significant investment. Because of these factors, it is of key importance to keep the molds clean and well protected. This is often best accomplished when the mold has been taken out of production and disassembled for thorough cleaning and/or repair, or when the mold is being originally constructed.

Chem-Trend has developed products designed specifically for use on molds that are utilized in the challenging environment of molding rubber components. Learn more about how to protect your rubber molding tooling investment.

Mold Maintenance Products for Thermoplastic Processing

As mold makers ship their products to customers, they have significant concerns about protecting those molds from corrosion and airborne contaminants. This is especially heightened when they ship molds on ocean going vessels or the molds are to be utilized in facilities in areas of high humidity. The mold makers, and users, need to ensure that there is no corrosion that could affect the surface quality of the mold and that moving parts in the mold have good lubrication.

Chem-Trend’s Lusin® protective agents are designed to give up to twelve months of corrosion protection and can be removed easily by just starting regular production with the mold. Lusin® lubricants are specifically designed to work in the thermoplastic industry. Our extensive range of products, including both mold cleaners and degreasers, will perform without any residue that could cause problems during transportation or usage in production. Additionally, to address the specific needs of the packaging industry, we have developed NSF® certified protective agents, lubricants, cleaners and degreasers. Learn more about how to protect your thermoplastic molding and tooling.

Anti-Corrosion Coatings for Tire Molds

Avoiding corrosion of expensive tire molds – especially on steel sidewall plates – after cleaning and during storage is an important part of maintaining the mold in good condition and prolonging its life. Mineral oils or greases that are often applied to molds placed in storage for a prolonged period function as effective rust inhibitors, but require a lot of work to be removed. On the other hand, Chem-Trend mold conditioners and treatments eliminate the need to clean a treated mold prior to reinstallation into a curing press. Our products offer protection against corrosion to molds that are stored for prolonged periods, up to one year.

Chem-Trend has developed products designed specifically for use on molds that are utilized in the challenging environment of tire manufacturing. Learn more about how to protect your tooling investment.

Products for Making and Protecting Veneer Stone and Masonry Stone Molds

Chem-Trend understands that the goal of stone veneer manufacturers is to make stones that look and feel real. Our mold release agents for creating master molds ensure that every detail from the stone master is transferred to the mold, and that the details created in the mold can then be transferred to the finished part, ensuring that real stone look to every veneer. Our products are designed to extend the service life of each of your molds by sealing and protecting the mold from the drying effects of the concrete mix used to make veneers.

Learn more about how to protect your investment in veneer/masonry stone molds.

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