Mold Maintenance Products to Protect your Tooling Investment

Molds are typically significant investments for thermoplastic processors or others involved in the business of acquiring key parts made from thermoplastic materials. Keeping molds in prime operational condition, from the time that they are first created at the manufacturer to the day they are finally scrapped, is of vital economic importance to your operation. Chem-Trend understands this and spends considerable effort developing products aimed at the protection and serviceability of molds for thermoplastic processing.

Once a mold has been built, the mold maker often has to send the new tool over great distances: often to different countries or continents. During the transport cycle they need to ensure that corrosion does not occur, as this could easily affect the surface quality of the mold. Also, moving parts in the mold must have a good lubrication effect and be protected against corrosion as well. During transport it is important that protective materials keep the mold in perfect shape even in difficult environments such as the salty atmosphere found in oceanic shipping.

While at the thermoplastic processing facilities, molds are also often placed into storage between part runs. During those times it is also important to keep the molds lubricated and protected to assure that they are ready and able to be placed quickly and easily back into service when needed. Keeping the molds free of corrosion and in operational condition protects the investment that each mold represents, and helps to aid in efficient operations.

Chem-Trend has developed a complete line of mold maintenance products, including cleaners, lubricants and protective agents to help prolong the serviceable life of your tooling and molds. To learn more about how our line-up of products can help you protect your investment read our main thermoplastic processing mold maintenance page, or contact us directly.

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