Molds for veneer stone and concrete

Our release agents help extend the useful life of molds and keep them clean to maintain the high quality of the finished parts.

Manufactured stone veneers are replicas of natural stones used for residential and commercial construction and remodeling. The process begins with hand-selected stones chosen for their natural beauty and functionality. A mold is then cast of the stone from various flexible substrates such as polyurethane or latex. Concrete mixtures of lightweight aggregates are poured into flexible stone veneer molds and hand colored with various pigments, allowed to set, and then de-molded to make the finished product.

Chem-Trend understands that the goal of stone veneer manufacturers is to make stones that look and feel real. Our mold release agents for creating master molds ensure that every detail from the stone master is transferred to the mold. Our mold release agents, designed specifically for releasing the veneers, insure that the detail created in the mold is then transferred to the finished part, creating a real stone look to every veneer. Chem-Trend’s release agents also help ensure that pigment is efficiently transferred to the veneer, further enhancing that real stone look.

We also understand that mold life and part de-molding are points of critical performance for concrete and stone veneer manufacturing. These processes are where Chem-Trend’s concrete mold release products can improve your productivity and part quality. Our Chem-Trend brand of mold release agents provide a competitive advantage to the largest and smallest manufacturers alike with water-based release agent solutions that can maximize productivity while meeting the most demanding specifications and operating conditions. Chem-Trend release agents for concrete and stone veneer manufacturers provide:

  • Extended service life of flexible molds
  • Optimal pigment transfer and color appearance
  • Improved release ease
  • Highly dilutable water-based materials
  • Cleaner, safer environments
  • Low/No VOC for LEED approval
  • Higher quality parts
  • Less downtime
  • Lower scrap rates
  • Cleaner molds

When customers purchase Chem-Trend release agents, they also gain access to a worldwide support network of industry professionals committed to providing the right product for their application. We make our global expertise available locally to our customers through our sales, technical and support professionals. Our production facilities use leading development, testing and production equipment and processes to assure consistent batch-to-batch products. Do you have a unique application that requires something more? Chem-Trend can custom-formulate products to meet your unique needs.

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