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Chem-Trend's robust portfolio of products are specialized for each application

All of our products are developed with the goals of helping our customers produce higher quality parts while improving their efficiency, reducing waste and lowering their overall production costs. Although each application has its unique set of production challenges, and therefore our products are developed to address those unique challenges, our ability to cross-fertilize our innovative technologies with lessons learned from all applications we are involved in helps us bring you new and better ways to address your application challenges.

  • Composite Molding

    Our decades of experience in Aerospace, Marine, Tub & Shower, Wind Energy and other fields have helped us develop a strong portfolio of products for those working in composites applications.

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  • Die Casting

    We are a global leader in the development and manufacture of die lubricants, plunger lubricants and ancillary products for die casting operations.

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  • Foundry

    Our decades of experience in metal forming and casting operations have allowed us to develop strong products for specific foundry applications.

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  • Friction Products

    The manufacture of friction components such as brake pads creates specific challenges for release agents. Chem-Trend is an expert in meeting those challenges.

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  • Polyurethane Molding

    Chem-Trend has over 50 years of experience in helping molders of polyurethane operate more efficiently and save money in their process.

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  • Rubber Molding

    From simple parts to complex multi-compound molding operations, Chem-Trend has a solution for your molding operation.

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  • Thermoplastic Processing

    Our Lusin® and Ultra Purge brands of products are developed to help increase productivity and reduce waste for Thermoplastic applications.

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  • Tire Curing / Vulcanization

    Chem-Trend is recognized as a world leader in helping tire manufacturers improve efficiency and reduce waste in their molding operations.

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  • Tire Retreading

    Our products help extend the life of curing envelopes for retreading. Ask us how we can improve your retreading operations?

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  • Tool Maintenance / Mold Making

    Chem-Trend’s five decades of experience working with molding, forming and casting operations has allowed us to develop a suite of products to help protect and maintain molds.

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  • Veneer Stone / Architectural Concrete

    Our release agents help extend the useful life of molds and keep them clean to maintain the high quality of the finished parts.

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  • Wood Fiber Composites / Panel Pressing

    Chem-Trend products are leading the way in addressing the challenges being faced by the wood fiber industry.

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