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High Quality Castings Produced More Efficiently with Our Die Lubricants

Chem-Trend's die lubricants have long been recognized as industry benchmarks. World-class technology, coupled with our unswerving commitment to customer satisfaction, has made us the first choice of die casters who seek to improve their productivity and profitability.

Our culture of continuous improvement delivers results for die casters

Chem-Trend offers high-pressure die casters the most comprehensive product line of liquid and powdered die lubes for aluminum, magnesium, zinc, squeeze and semi-solid casting operations.

Driven by our culture of continuous improvement, plus a passion to solve industry problems, Chem-Trend created the first effective water-based die lubricant almost fifty years ago. Since then we have continually developed innovative solutions. If customer parts require painting, Chem-Trend has the answer with die lubricants that will not interfere with most post-finishing needs. Our die lubricants also offer excellent die release and good lubrication for pins and ejectors while burning cleaner during application.

A new range of die lubricants reduces cycle times and increases productivity

Today, the demand for more complex aluminum castings and reduced processing times has lead us to develop a range of die lubes that offer increased wetting and film forming at higher die temperatures. For aluminum die casters we have developed die casting lubricants that offer:

  • Hotter die surface adhesion
  • Reduced time to achieve optimum die lubricant application
  • Enhanced solder protection
  • Superior release and brighter castings
  • Less gas generation and greater protection of the die against pitting and corrosion

Today's lighter weight, thin-walled, magnesium castings need the performance of die lubricants to produce cleaner, installation-ready component parts. Our innovative technologies meet the challenge with non-staining characteristics that maintain die release ease, superior metal flow and excellent solder protection throughout the product line.

The high quality surface finish demands of zinc-based products have challenged the industry for decades. From automotive trim to bathroom fixtures, our products have proven themselves the world over.

Manufacturers of squeeze cast parts continuously push the performance parameters of die lubes by making castings that are structurally stronger through the use of heat treatable alloys. From high-end automotive wheels to a variety of pump housings, Chem-Trend's die lubes offer excellent insulation and properties that reduce out gassing, while maximizing both product strength integrity and finish.

Sustainable resources with low environmental impact

Chem-Trend has long been aware of the need to minimize environmental impact and to do its utmost to improve the health, safety and environment (HSE) aspects at its customer’s facilities. Our development of the first commercially viable water-based die lubricant back in the 1950s had an immense impact on the HSE aspects of die cast facilities by removing the use of graphite and/or solvents in die lubricants – greatly reducing the smoke, black soot and high flammability in the process.

Our latest lubricant products are again leading the way by eliminating the use of long-term pollutants in water streams. Newer die lubricant raw materials are also being derived from renewable vegetable sources. High efficiency products and water-free technologies have also been developed to reduce the burden on effluent treatment systems and facilitate compliance with stricter environmental regulations.

Die casting process aids: global leadership because of customer focus

We are globally recognized as a leader in the development of high performance die lubricants. Since we began producing these products five decades ago, our primary focus has been to create products that reduce defect and scrap levels while improving our customer’s efficiency through faster cycle times. Our product line has added measurable value to our customers, making their operations more efficient.

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Common Questions:

  • How can die lubricants improve my productivity?

    Die lubricants that are designed to rapidly cool and adhere to the die surface form a protective film that prevents solder and provides lubricious release of the casting.

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