Plunger lubricants

A Comprehensive Portfolio of Water-Based, Oil-Based and Dry Plunger Lubricants

Chem-Trend's complete line of plunger lubricants offers a wide range of capabilities to serve the needs of horizontal and vertical die casting machines, as well as the even more demanding requirements of squeeze casting and vacuum die casting machines. In addition, they can be used over a wide range of metallurgies from tool steel to cast iron and copper-beryllium. As technology evolves, our product development and technical support chemists, along with our field support team, find ways to continuously improve our plunger lubricants and our process expertise in order to improve productivity for our customers.

Balancing profitability with cleanliness

Die casters are only productive when their machines run at peak efficiency. They also have to comply with increasingly stringent global pollution control legislation that seeks to minimize their environmental impact. Chem-Trend's line of plunger lubricants can play an integral part in making that happen. Our plunger lubricators have been specifically developed to:

  • Increase shot component life
  • Reduce downtime by offering superior protection for both shot sleeves and plunger tips
  • Reduce impact on casting porosity
  • Improve casting efficiency
  • Support increased focus and regulation on HSE

Oil-based, Water-based, Dry Plunger Lubricants

Our oil-based plunger lubricants have been a reliable fixture in the world’s major die casting facilities for many years. When the industry embraced the benefits of dry plunger lubricant technology, Chem-Trend produced a line that offers consistent shot-to-shot profiles and improved sleeve protection under the pour hole. In addition, our water-based plunger lubes provide excellent protection of shots sleeves and plunger tips while maintaining highly desirable housekeeping characteristics.

As die casting machines become bigger and faster, the sleeves and pistons become larger and heavier as well. Suspensions of solid lubricants like graphite in aqueous or hydrocarbon media are commonly needed for these high stress applications. The homogeneity of the suspensions that we have developed improves dosing accuracy, reduces waste, reduces smoke generating tendencies, and improves customer profitability.

Industry leadership because of customer focus

We are recognized as a leader in the development of high performance plunger lubricants. Our primary focus in the development of these products has always been to reduce our customer’s costs by reducing scrap levels, and reducing both machine and operator downtime. Our line of plunger lubricators has added measurable value to our customers, making their operations more efficient.

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