• Ancillary Products

    Die casting is a complex process with intricate machines and a number of processing steps. Since all of these can have an impact on the quality of... Read More »


  • Pre-preg

    Commonly referred to as “advanced composites” – since high strength fibers are often used – pre-impregnated (pre-preg)... Read More »

  • Open Lay / Wet Resin

    The open lay process is the simplest method of making a composite part. The part is made with a “cosmetic” surface, the one that is in... Read More »


  • Why do I get buildup and sticking in non-skid areas of the mold?

    By taking a few precautions, you can achieve the same production from these types of surfaces as from a polished smooth surface. Buildup in non-... Read More »

  • Can I use the same release for all of my parts, regardless of whether they are gel-coated or not?

    While some manufacturers may choose to use one semi-permanent release for all their needs, we believe that gel coated and non-gel coated... Read More »

  • How should I remove a semi-permanent mold release?

    Removal of semi-permanent releases can be more difficult due to the toughness of the cross-linked coating. The recommended procedure is to use a... Read More »

  • How do I deal with rub marks?

    Rub marks are typically a result of excess abrasion. Proper preparation of the tool and more frequent touch ups of release should minimize rub... Read More »

  • What do I do if an area is sticking?

    First, evaluate the area that is sticking. Perform a tape test in various spots on the mold to determine if the problem is related to... Read More »

  • My parts are pre-releasing. What can I do?

    Pre-releasing is another issue that has many contributing factors. Mold design, laminate schedule, resin formulation, gel coat formulation,... Read More »

  • I get streaking when applying. What should I do?

    Many of the same factors that cause hazing also cause streaking. In our experience, streaking that occurs on application of release is most... Read More »