Case Study


  • Squeeze Casting

    Squeeze casting is a process developed for making castings with very low porosity and high structural integrity. The key differences between... Read More »

  • Semi-solid Casting

    Semi-solid casting is a process where metal is partly solidified at the time of injection. The main benefit of this process is the ability to... Read More »

  • Low Pressure / Gravity Casting

    The process known as low-pressure die casting began when precisely dimensioned reusable steel molds began to be utilized to make castings. It... Read More »

  • Extrusion

    The process of forming and molding parts through extrusion is utilized with a wide range of raw materials to make many different types of end... Read More »

  • Die Casting (High Pressure)

    Die casting is a process in which molten metal is injected into a precisely dimensioned and reusable steel mold very quickly under high pressure... Read More »

  • Alloys & Metals

    The earliest metals that were die cast were alloys of lead and tin. However, today the most commonly used metals are alloys of zinc, aluminum, and... Read More »


  • Die Casting

    Die casting is a process that Chem-Trend has been involved with for over fifty years. In Die Casting, molten metal is injected into a precisely... Read More »

News and Event

  • Increased Process Efficiency for the Die Casting Industry

    Maisach, Germany – At the METEF 2010, in hall 8, stand C38 – D39, Chem-Trend will present its next generation... Read More »

  • Chem-Trend Introduces Products for Die Casting Industry

    Howell, Michigan, USA – Chem-Trend L.P. (Chem-Trend) a global manufacturer of release agents and other process chemical... Read More »