White Papers & Brochures

  • Lusin® Clean 1060 and 1061 Purge Compounds

    Chem-Trend's new Lusin® Clean purge compounds improve throughput, decrease scrap, save money and are compliant for use in food-... Read More »

  • Chem-Trend® Flow Promoter: A Smart Way to Enhance Rotational Molding

    Chem-Trend® Flow Promoter is a specialty product that improves operational throughput, surface quality and overall efficiency. Download our... Read More »

  • Mono-Coat® Products Increase Rotomolding Efficiency

    Download our rotational molding brochure to find out how our Mono-Coat® Brand products can transform your operations.

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  • Lusin® Purging Compounds and Mold Maintenance Products

    The Lusin® portfolio of products incorporates technology from Chem-Trend’s more than 50-year heritage as the world’s leading... Read More »

  • FAQs: Release Agents

    Looking for answers about release agents for thermoplastics processing applications? Learn more about frequently asked questions and the answers... Read More »

  • FAQs: Purging Compounds

    Learn more about purging compounds for thermoplastics applications and get answers to frequently asked questions.

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  • FAQs: Protective Agents

    Find answers to your frequently asked questions about protective agents for thermoplastics processing applications.

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News and Event

  • Chinaplas 2014

    With over 50 years of industry-leading experience, Chem-Trend has a history of delivering the highest-quality products and service. Visit us at... Read More »

  • Chem-Trend Featured in Plastics Business Magazine

    Plastics Business magazine recently featured Chem-Trend as a thermoplastics industry expert for chemical purge compounds. See the PDF to the... Read More »

  • Chem-Trend Featured in MacPlas Magazine

    Chem-Trend was recently featured as a thermoplastics industry expert in the Italian publication, "MacPlas Magazine." For the... Read More »