• Can machine parameters influence the cleaning result of a purge compound?

    Various factors like temperature and application time can have an influence on the cleaning result and need to be taken into consideration when... Read More »

  • Are there differences between purge compounds for extrusion and purge compounds for injection molding operation?

    Purge compounds for extrusion have a lower MFI compare to those used in injection molding. Injection molding purge compounds need to be able to... Read More »

  • Are universal purging compounds available that can work with all applications and polymers?

    Thermoplastic processing is done in many different ways with many different polymers at a wide range of temperatures. Universal purging compound... Read More »

  • What positive effects on production do purging compounds provide?

    A well-selected purging compound that matches with your process and polymer can provide extensive production benefits such as: time savings (... Read More »

  • What are the respective advantages and disadvantages of the different types of purging compounds?

    Abrasive purging compounds can be economical to utilize, and are efficient for certain situations but they can damage worm and cylinders. As... Read More »

  • What are the different types of purging compounds available in the market?

    There are two major classes of purging compounds in the market. One is referred to as Mechanical or Abrasive purging compounds – these are... Read More »

  • Why is the use of specialized purging compounds important?

    A lot of different polymers are used in thermoplastic processing. The color change operation can be a time and material intensive process,... Read More »

  • Are there additional advantages to using mold cleaners for thermoplastics processing beyond the obvious?

    Some engineered polymers have viscosity/MFI which tends to interrupt the passage of air through the mold air venting system. The use of mold... Read More »

  • Can mold cleaners remove polyolefins?

    Polyolefines cannot be dissolved, however the main issue in trying to clean the mold is usually not the polymer itself but the additives,... Read More »

  • What is the difference between a mold cleaner and a degreaser or surface cleaner for thermoplastics processing?

    Mold cleaners work by dissolving all polymers with the exception of PE and PP while surface cleaners and degreasers work by removing the build-... Read More »