News and Event

  • Chem-Trend Showcases Innovative Products and Global Reach at Tire Technology Expo 2012

    Highlights Include Specially Formulated Mold Coatings for Winter Tires and High-Performance Specialty Filled Inside Paints for... Read More »

  • Tire Technology Expo

    Chem-Trend continues participation in the advancement of the global tire industry by exhibiting at Tire Tech in Cologne, Germany. Chem-Trend... Read More »

White Papers & Brochures

  • Delivering customized solutions for the toughest tire processing challenges

    Chem-Trend has a singular focus of developing and manufacturing innovative release products for use in a variety of industries including the Tire... Read More »

Case Study


  • Inside Tire Paints

    Inside tire paints are applied to the inner liner of uncured tires to provide the necessary slip required to allow the curing bladder (membrane... Read More »


  • How do I apply product to a green tire?

    Most products for the tire industry are developed for application to green tires using any of the following systems:

    • Spray gun,... Read More »
    • How do I know how much product to apply to the tire and how can it be measured?

      Generally speaking the optimum coating of inside paint is one that is evenly spread across the entire inner face of the of tire reaching across... Read More »

    • How can I increase bladder life?

      The life of tire curing bladders can be increased through the application of a curing bladder treatment, which helps to protect the bladder... Read More »

    • Why should I use a mold treatment and which one is best for my plant?

      Tire mold treatments are applied to the surface of tire molds to help minimize mold fouling, aid rubber flow, assist in the release of the tire... Read More »

    • What is Outside Tire Paint and why is it used?

      An outside tire paint is a coating applied to the outside of each tire to ensure any air trapped between the tire surface and the mold surface... Read More »