• Outside Tire Paints

    Outside tire paints are applied to the outside of each tire, prior to vulcanization, to provide improved air-bleed and rubber flow, as well as... Read More »

  • Tire Curing / Vulcanization

    The process of tire curing/vulcanization brings specific challenges that, unless overcome, can lead to defective finished tires and/or reduced... Read More »


  • Bladder Coatings

    Working directly with tire producers, Chem-Trend has developed a strong awareness of the key issues that impact the efficiency, quality and cost... Read More »

  • Tire Paints

    Our wide variety of, both inside and outside, pre-cure tire paints are developed with the goal of improving the efficiency of the tire... Read More »

  • Tire Manufacturing Aids

    We work with the world’s largest tire manufacturers along with local and regional companies. Our products help tire producers produce more... Read More »

  • Transfer Molding

    Transfer Molding for General Rubber Applications

    The process of transfer molding of rubber involves having a "piston and... Read More »

  • Tire Molding / Retreading

    Molding new, or retreading used tires presents very strong challenges that can easily result in defective finished tires, inefficiency and... Read More »

  • Injection Molding

    Injection molding is a very common manufacturing process employing a wide variety of raw materials. Chem-Trend has a long history of working... Read More »

  • Rubber / Elastomer

    Transportation, sporting goods, household appliances, machinery, office equipment, pneumatic tires, footwear and many other items take advantage... Read More »