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  • Innovative Process Solutions for the Concrete and Stone Veneer Industry

    At the core of our business are industry-standard mold release agents, download our Concrete and Stone products brochure to see how we solve de-... Read More »


  • How can concentrate release agents be most efficiently mixed?

    Materials may be diluted through very reliable wall mounted or floor model proportioners. These units provide a consistent water to concentrate... Read More »

  • How are release agents best applied?

    Depending on the production set up a wide variety of configurations can be utilized. From manual HVLP guns to automated spray systems,... Read More »

  • Will release agents affect the color of the stone?

    Release agents for veneer/masonry stone applications and other specific concrete applications should be designed to allow pigments to wet out on... Read More »

  • Are low or zero VOC release agents available in the market?

    There are some concrete release agents that are low or zero VOC. This needs to be investigated when discussing the characteristics and... Read More »

  • What are the major benefits of a release agent for concrete molding?

    Obviously enabling the easy removal of cured parts from different molded materials is an important reason for using a release agent. What many... Read More »


  • Concrete

    Concrete is one of the most widely utilized materials for building and construction projects globally. In the majority of cases there is a very... Read More »


  • Veneer Stone / Architectural Concrete

    Manufactured stone veneers are replicas of natural stones used for commercial and residential construction and remodeling. Pieces are cast in... Read More »