• What happens if my release agent application system malfunctions and a release agent is not applied?

    The result of having no release agent applied depends on the type of release agent that has been used in the process and how long the system was... Read More »

  • What are the pros and cons of using internal release agents in the pressing of engineered wood/wood composites?

    Because much more of the wood is treated when using internal release agents, the consumption of the internal release agent is typically much... Read More »

  • How should release agents be applied in a wood pressing operation?

    Application of release agents depends on the type of pressing operation and the specific parameters of the mill. For multi-opening "daylight... Read More »

  • Are there release agents currently available for 100% pMDI binder applications?

    When pMDI first began being used in the pressing of composite wood panels, the release agents typically in use at the time generally provided good... Read More »

  • Can I use the same release agent we've used for formaldehyde-based binders with pMDI binders?