Value = The tangible and intangible intrinsic overall positive impact of a product or service to its consumer.

Here at Chem-Trend we cover both aspects of the value equation. From a tangible perspective, we help you reduce your cost per part. Our products do this in a number of ways:

  • Reducing consumables/material/energy
    • Reduced part defects – less downgraded products and scrap
    • Less material wasted on thermoplastic color changes
    • High efficiency release agents and related goods means less is required for each part produced
    • Lower scrap rates and products developed to work without a baking process or without water means less energy required
    • Fewer molds required to produce the same output due to higher efficiency rates
  • Reducing manufacturing downtime
    • Quick application
    • Reduction in amounts used and applied
    • Reduced equipment failure (worn, damaged equipment from harsh cleaners, improper lubrication, etc.)
    • Reduced line problems (i.e., molds that need cleaning, clogged injectors, etc.)
    • Keeping molds in service for longer periods between cleaning cycles
    • Reducing direct labor costs
    • Reduced rework by providing easier part extraction and fewer damaged parts
    • Easier, and faster, release agent application

Whether you are gauging us from a pure production perspective, or to our positive impact on the environment we always deliver a product that provides the lowest cost per part. Not to mention the finish quality lift you receive from using Chem-Trend products.

Looking at it from an intangible perspective is just as easy. Chem-Trend partners with you to solve problems and improve your business. We are not just interested in selling you a product, but building lasting relationships that leverage our strengths with yours. When your clients start commenting on the quality of the parts you are producing for them, and your production lines are humming along, you will know you found real value. We help you maintain and grow your business with quality output, scrap reduction and finish quality unmatched in the industry.

Find out how we can start adding value to your operations. Contact us to discuss a no obligation in-house trial.

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