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News and Event

  • 第五届北京国际风能大会暨展览会


    北京国际风能大会暨展览会(CWP)是由国家可再生能源中心、... Read More »

  • The 5th China Wind Power Expo

    After 50 years facing industry challenges head on, Chem-Trend has become the leader in creating high-performance professional mold release... Read More »

  • The 18th China International Composites Industrial Technical Expo

    With over 50 years of commitment, at Chem-Trend our customers are top priority. We are dedicated to our clients’ interests and creating... Read More »

  • JEC Show Europe

    Chem-Trend has long been an exhibitor at the JEC in Paris as a way to continue to promote the advancement of the composites industry. Our... Read More »

  • Composites Australia 2012

    Chem-Trend will participate in the Composites Australia 2012 Conference: Diversity in Composites, held in Leura, New South Wales. Our... Read More »

  • Composites 2012

    Chem-Trend continues participation in the advancement of the North American composites industry by exhibiting at Composites 2012 in Las Vegas,... Read More »



  • La ventaja Chem-Trend

    Chem-Trend provee a sus clientes de valor, desempeño y confiabilidad.

    Valor = Impacto positivo total, intrínseco... Read More »

  • Por línea de Producto

    Nuestros productos están desarrollados con el objetivo de ayudar a nuestros clientes a producir piezas de mayor calidad, más... Read More »