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  • Ancillary Molding Products

    Mold Cleaners for Polyurethane Molding

    Chem-Trend® Mold Cleaners are designed to address the needs of virtually any type... Read More »

  • Mold Release Agents

    Our mold release agents for polyurethane provide a competitive advantage to the largest and smallest manufacturers alike. We offer both water- and... Read More »


  • MDI / pMDI

    MDI and pMDI are utilized in a wide range of applications related to molded, formed and pressed materials. Chem-Trend has a long established... Read More »

  • Spray Polyurethane / Spray Skin

    Spray polyurethane skin is the process of spraying a thin film of elastomeric polyurethane (PU) on to a mold. When the PU cures, the film is... Read More »

  • Polyurethane

    Injection molding is a common process for many polyurethane products. Examples of the various markets that use polyurethane injection molding... Read More »

  • Rigid Polyurethane

    Polyurethane rigid foam systems are used as an insulating foam material in construction (entry doors) and appliance (refrigerators, freezers,... Read More »

  • Reaction Injection Molding (RIM)

    Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) is the process of injecting material by using a high-pressure impingement-mixed stream into a mold or cavity.... Read More »

  • Polyurethane Shoe Soling

    The various shoe-manufacturing techniques and can be broken down into four major categories. These categories are single density unit soles,... Read More »

  • Integral Skin

    Integral skin foam is fairly common in the polyurethane industry and is used in a number of markets, including automotive interiors, furniture... Read More »

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