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  • Simulación de moldeo por transferencia

    Vea nuestra breve simulación de moldeo (video disponible sólo en inglés) que muestra cómo los productos de Chem-Trend... Read More »

  • Simulación de moldeo por compresión

    Vea nuestro video, disponible sólo en inglés, de una corta simulación de moldeo por compresión que muestra cómo... Read More »

White Papers & Brochures

  • Sistemas de desmoldeo para moldeo de caucho (Hule)

    Trabajar con el equipo de moldeo de hule de Chem-Trend, va mucho más allá de sólo determinar cuál producto usar.... Read More »

  • Preparation of Molds for Rubber Molding to Ensure Smooth Start-up in Production

    As a leader in mold maintenance products, learn how Chem-Trend products can help you prepare your molds, and extend their life, while increasing... Read More »

News and Event

  • The 12th International Exhibition on Rubber Technology

    Chem-Trend develops customized solutions for specific challenges caused by the variety of raw materials and process parameters found in... Read More »

  • 2012 DKT International Rubber Conference

    Chem-Trend’s solutions for the rubber molding industry are some of the most advanced available. Our expertise, which has been gained... Read More »


    Chem-Trend will be present at FIMEC in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in support of advancing the polyurethane, rubber, and thermoplastics industries. Chem-... Read More »


  • Moldeo de caucho (hule)

    Chem-Trend es un líder global en la producción de ... Read More »

  • Conventional Release Agents

    A need for conventional mold release products still exists in the rubber industry today, and we continue to focus a significant amount of energy... Read More »

  • Semi-permanent Release Agents

    Semi-permanent release agents are state-of-the-art and provide the rubber molding industry with an alternative to the traditional “shop-... Read More »