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  • What happens if too much release agent is applied?

    Applying too much release agent can make subsequent process treatment of the parts more difficult by creating an oily or slick surface on the... Read More »

  • Why does the automotive industry almost exclusively use silicone-free release agents on thermoplastic components?

    Since thermoplastic based parts produced for the automotive industry generally have to be treated further, it is important to ensure that... Read More »

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of silicone-free versus silicone-containing release agents?

    The advantage of silicone-containing release agents is that they offer a very good release effect. The disadvantage of silicone-containing... Read More »

News and Event

  • FIMEC 2013

    Chem-Trend will be present at FIMEC in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in support of advancing the polyurethane, rubber and thermoplastics industries. Chem-... Read More »

  • PLASTIMAGEN Mexico 2013

    Chem-Trend develops customized solutions for specific challenges in the thermoplastics industry. Solutions include the development of release... Read More »

  • 肯天Lusin®系列产品荣获2012塑料行业荣格技术创新奖

    近日,全球高性能专业脱模剂及化工过程专业产品的领军企业肯天化工公司(Chem-Trend)宣布,其研发的热塑性塑料成型工艺的Lusin®系列螺杆清洗料荣获2012塑料行业荣格技术创新奖。该奖项是中国业内最具专业性和影响力的奖项之一,此次获奖肯定了肯天化工的行业创新能力和技术实力,... Read More »


  • Agentes desmoldantes para procesamiento de termoplásticos

    Conozca más acerca de nuestros agentes desmoldantes para procesamiento de termoplásticos, incluyendo formulaciones con silicó... Read More »

  • Resumen general de compuestos purgantes

    Los productos Lusin® son líderes en compuestos de purga. Han funcionado en sus plantas año tras año, por todo... Read More »

  • Agentes protectores para procesamiento de termoplásticos

    Los agentes anticorrosión de Chem-Trend lideran la industria en desempeño y valor. Para saber más acerca de cómo... Read More »

  • Auxiliares de procesamiento de termoplásticos

    El video sobre la línea de producto Lusin® de Chem-Trend, sólo disponible en inglés, le mostrará por qu... Read More »