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  • Auxiliares para la producción de neumáticos

    Trabajamos con los fabricantes de neumáticos más grandes del mundo, así como con compañías locales y regionales... Read More »

  • Rubber

    Injection molding is now the most prevalent molding method in the non-tire rubber industry. A pre-masticated rubber compound is placed in the... Read More »

  • Transfer Molding

    Transfer Molding for General Rubber Applications

    The process of transfer molding of rubber involves having a "piston and... Read More »

  • Tire Molding / Retreading

    Molding new, or retreading used tires presents very strong challenges that can easily result in defective finished tires, inefficiency and... Read More »

  • Injection Molding

    Injection molding is a very common manufacturing process employing a wide variety of raw materials. Chem-Trend has a long history of working... Read More »


  • Conventional Release Agents

    A need for conventional mold release products still exists in the rubber industry today, and we continue to focus a significant amount of energy... Read More »

  • Semi-permanent Release Agents

    Semi-permanent release agents are state-of-the-art and provide the rubber molding industry with an alternative to the traditional “shop-... Read More »

  • Tire Mold Coatings

    Tire mold coatings are applied to the surface of tire molds to help minimize mold fouling, aid rubber flow, assist in the release of the tire... Read More »

  • Outside Tire Paints

    Outside tire paints are applied to the outside of each tire, prior to vulcanization, to provide improved air-bleed and rubber flow, as well as... Read More »

White Papers & Brochures

  • Preparation of Molds for Rubber Molding to Ensure Smooth Start-up in Production

    As a leader in mold maintenance products, learn how Chem-Trend products can help you prepare your molds, and extend their life, while increasing... Read More »