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White Papers & Brochures

  • Wachstumsmarkt Medizinprodukte

    Medizinzulieferer unterliegen strengen Normen, insbesondere bei Produkten, die in Kontakt mit biologischem Material kommen können. Chem-Trend... Read More »


  • Moldeo de caucho (hule)

    Chem-Trend es un líder global en la producción de ... Read More »

  • Conventional Release Agents

    A need for conventional mold release products still exists in the rubber industry today, and we continue to focus a significant amount of energy... Read More »

  • Semi-permanent Release Agents

    Semi-permanent release agents are state-of-the-art and provide the rubber molding industry with an alternative to the traditional “shop-... Read More »

  • Rubber Molding

    Molds utilized in rubber molding processes, including the manufacture of pneumatic tires, often represent a significant investment. In addition... Read More »


  • Rubber

    Injection molding is now the most prevalent molding method in the non-tire rubber industry. A pre-masticated rubber compound is placed in the... Read More »

  • Rubber / Elastomer

    Transportation, sporting goods, household appliances, machinery, office equipment, pneumatic tires, footwear and many other items take advantage... Read More »