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White Papers & Brochures

  • Flow Promoter: die intelligente Lösung für rotationsgeformte Spezialprodukte, die den Durchsatz, die Oberflächenqualität und die Gesamteffizienz erhöht.

    Flow Promoter für schwer zugängliche Bereiche

    Rotationsgeformte Teile besitzen mitunter eine komplexe Form, die... Read More »

  • Mono-Coat® Produkte für mehr Effizienz im Rotationsformen

    Mono-Coat® revolutioniert das Rotationsformen

    Hersteller von Spielzeug, Tanks und anderen Produkten, die mittels... Read More »

  • Chem-Trend® Flow Promoter: A Smart Way to Enhance Rotational Molding

    Chem-Trend® Flow Promoter is a specialty product that improves operational throughput, surface quality and overall efficiency. Download our... Read More »

  • Mono-Coat® Products Increase Rotomolding Efficiency

    Download our rotational molding brochure to find out how our Mono-Coat® Brand products can transform your operations.

    Read More »


  • Moldeo rotacional

    Chem-Trend ha ganado una extensa reputación como líder en el apoyo de moldeo rotacional en todo el mundo a través de nuestro... Read More »

  • Procesamiento de termoplásticos

    La historia dela marca Lusin® de Chem-Trend dentro de la industria de los termoplásticos comenzó hace ya más... Read More »

  • Moldeo de Materiales compuestos

    Chem-Trend posee más de 50 años de experiencia en el... Read More »

  • Thermoplastic Processing

    Molds are typically significant investments for thermoplastic processors or others involved in the business of acquiring key parts made from... Read More »

  • Mold Release Agents

    Optimization of cycle time, consistency of surface finish, reduction of post mold operations prior to painting, gluing or welding are all... Read More »

  • Purge Compounds

    Thermoplastic processors understand that their operational efficiency and bottom line are negatively affected by machine down-time and scrap... Read More »