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Chem-Trend develops high-performance products used in the manufacturing of components for automobiles, motorcycles, motorbikes, scooters, three-wheelers and the overall transportation industry.

Our highly specialized products are used in the molding of composites, polyurethane and rubber; in die casting; in the processing and molding of thermoplastics; and in the manufacturing of solid rubber and pneumatic tires.

No two OEMs and suppliers are alike when it comes to powertrain design and production. Chem-Trend die lubricants, release agents and ancillary molding aids are specifically tailored to raw material and process parameters to keep tooling clean, improve cavity fill and facilitate part release, even for complex tooling designs. Chem-Trend products enhance the production of the following components:
Air compressors | Oil pumps | Water pumps | Clutch plates | Engine covers | Filters | Exhaust hangers | Heat shields | Air intake boots | Axle joint boots (CV joints) | Fluid lids | Shifter bases (housings, levers, frames) | Thrust washers | Brake line covers | Fuel line covers and sleeves
Rubber belts, hoses, tires and sealing systems
OEMs and suppliers are increasingly utilizing sophisticated and expensive rubber compounds that cannot be reworked when a molding defect occurs. Chem-Trend release agents provide the means to reduce buildup, and release complex rubber compounds and high-value materials like FKM and EPDM — the first time — improving material flow, mold release, quality and pass-through rate. Chem-Trend products enhance the production of the following components:
Radial shaft seals | Belts | Hoses | O-rings | Gaskets | Head gaskets | Valve stem seals | Door seals | Sunroof seals | Tires | Window encapsulations
Electrical Systems
As automotive technology continues to rapidly advance, electrical components will continue to be a strong focal point for manufacturers and suppliers. Chem-Trend products help manufacturers consistently produce higher-quality electrical components, from wiring boots to the most intricate sensors and circuits. Chem-Trend products enhance the production of the following components:
Connectors | Sensors | Cables and cable covers | Electrical switch boots and covers | Wiring boots in doors and hatches | Wiper blade motor assemblies
With more options for materials, finishes, colors and textures, automotive interiors are becoming more challenging to produce efficiently, consistently and at lower cost. Chem-Trend release agents are custom-formulated for superior, repeatable production of Class A surfaces and high-volume parts while easing the transition to water-based solutions, leaving you with less rework, scrap and VOCs. Chem-Trend products enhance the production of the following components:
Steering wheels | Steering wheel components (buttons, airbag covers) | Buttons | Instrument panels | Seat belt working components | Seat foam | Seat pans | Headrest foam | Armrests | Dashboards | Carpeting | Acoustic foams | Door panels | Rear seat package shelves | Headliners | A, B and C pillars | Gearshift knobs | Sun visors | Latches | Brackets | Housings
Facing challenges in developing unique, modern designs, automotive OEMs must also meet strict standards for strength and durability. For those highly visible components, Chem-Trend release agents and purging compounds improve material use, color change and part release during manufacturing to help achieve Class A finishes for exterior parts. Chem-Trend products enhance the production of the following components:
Liftgates | Wiper blade arms | Door handles | Front and rear bumpers | Body panels | Sunroof components (rails, slides and housing) | Trims and ornamentation | Headlight and taillight components | Latches | Brackets | Housings | Alloy wheels and wheel covers
Engineering for vehicle safety, balance and performance begins with the chassis. Chem-Trend products help manufacturers create chassis components in challenging production conditions — from the hottest temperatures to the heaviest presses — with better cavity fill and less scrap, rework and downtime. Chem-Trend products enhance the production of the following components:
Structural components | Suspension components | Steering column | Brake shoes | Brake pads | Jounce bumpers | Engine mounts | Torsional vibration dampers | Bushings | Bumpers and pinion snubbers | Body mounts | Cradle mounts | Bounce bumpers | Shock seals | Strut bushings

Automotive Production Solutions

Automotive OEMs and suppliers are under pressure not only to meet regulatory mandates, but also to competitively manufacture increasingly complex and higher-quality components more quickly at lower costs. Through insight, dedication and service, Chem-Trend provides release agents, purging compounds and other ancillary molding products, along with expert advice and service, to address the unique production challenges of automotive suppliers and manufacturers around the globe.

Whether you’re seeking to release pristine Class A surfaces or intricately formed castings or to produce hoses, belts or friction products using high-heat processes, you’ll find that Chem-Trend’s family of release agents is specifically formulated to boost manufacturing efficiency, lower production costs, improve shop-floor cleanliness and reduce downtime. Our advances in water- and solvent-based technologies help increase throughput and improve quality for a wide variety of automotive components.

For more than 50 years, our technical experts have worked with manufacturers side by side to develop distinct chemical specialties that are tailored to the biggest challenge, smallest detail and everything in between. We are completely focused on creating unique solutions that improve molding and casting processes, so you can operate more efficiently with less waste, more uptime and fewer reworks.

Chem-Trend has a global network of research, development and technical support laboratories; manufacturing facilities; and sales teams with unmatched experience gained through years of problem solving on shop floors. Chem-Trend’s worldwide resources stretch to every place you set up shop and to any place you call home.

For products and service that bring value, dependability and performance to your molding and casting operations, ask for Chem-Trend.