Chem-Trend Helps the Electronics Industry Produce Better Parts with Less Scrap.

Chem-Trend develops advanced chemical technologies to serve the continually evolving electronics industry.

We support the electronics industry through the following brands:

  • Chem-Trend® brand products used for the die casting of metal alloys for things such as:
    • Laptop, tablet and cell phone cases and hard disc drives
    • Our expertise in this area is of great value to manufacturers producing computers, communications and consumer (3C) products. For these producers the flow of molten magnesium within the mold is of primary concern. The light weight requirements of 3C products require part designs with extremely thin walls and tight tolerances. Flow of molten metal in these thin die cavities is the most significant challenge in casting of 3C parts and often results in premature solidification of molten metal and incomplete mold fill. Due to aesthetic and dimensional stability problems associated with incomplete mold fill, part rejection rates are very high for 3C parts. Chem-Trend has developed leading technologies that help producers of 3C products address magnesium flow issues as well as enhance the surface appearance of cast parts, improving quality and reducing scrap.
  • Chemlease® brand products used in the manufacturing of composites for the creation of items such as:
    • LEDs
    • Printed circuit boards and integrated circuits
  • Lusin® brand brand products used in thermoplastic processing for the manufacture of things like:
    • Connectors

These are just a few examples of the many different products that our release agents, die lubricants and related molding process aids are used to help produce. To learn more about how our products can benefit your work within the production of electronic goods contact us to talk with one of our experts.

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