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Decades of experience developing specialized products for use with a wide range of materials

All of our products are developed with the goals of helping our customers produce higher quality parts while improving their efficiency, reducing waste and lowering their overall production costs. Although each material has its unique set of properties that impact production, our ability to innovate with lessons learned from all materials we are involved in, helps us bring you new and better ways to address your production challenges.

  • Alloys & Metals

    Chem-Trend has over 50 years of experience working with the lubrication and release of metals from molds.

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  • Binding Agents / Resins

    The binding agent or resin utilized in a molding process has a profound effect on the needs of the release agent.

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  • Concrete

    Concrete is very hard on molds. Chem-Trend has developed products that help extend the life of your molds and increase your productivity and profitability.

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  • Polyurethane Foam

    Chem-Trend has over 50 years of experience developing release agents specifically designed for polyurethane molding operations.

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  • Rubber / Elastomer

    Chem-Trend has release agent solutions for the molding of simple to complex rubber compounds.

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  • Thermoplastic Resin

    Our extensive line of products helps processors of thermoplastic resin reduce scrap and improve their efficiency.

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  • Wood Fiber

    There is a wide variety of wood fiber material that is used in the formation of wood composites, Chem-Trend knows this and has developed products for the unique characteristics of these varied materials.

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