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Polyether polyols cover a variety of applications, processes and finished products. At Chem-Trend, we understand the diversity between each of our customers and the importance demolding, mold release and part or mold cleaning has on the efficiency of their process and the quality of their products. With over 50 years of experience in developing and manufacturing mold release agents and products for the polyurethane industry, Chem-Trend knows how to develop the right release products for your application. At Chem-Trend we can custom formulate mold release agents, mold cleaners, mold preparation pastes, anti-squeak products and flushing solvents to add productivity, quality and overall value to your bottom line. Our products work together as a total solution to improve your performance.

Polyurethane Molding Industries and Applications

Chem-Trend has served a variety of polyurethane molding applications including integral skin, PU spray skin, high resiliency foam for seating, acoustical, carpet and insulation back foaming, visco-elastic PU products, rigid foams for energy absorbing application, rigid foams for decorative faux wood and moldings, dual density shoe soles, single density shoe soles, isocyanate bound products, cast elastomers and microcellular urethane applications such as jounce bumpers. If you don’t see your application in this list, contact us, we can review your process together and determine a custom solution for your unique process.

Polyurethane Systems for Footwear Soling

Polyurethane systems for footwear soling can be based on either polyester or polyether polyols. These two system types have individually unique performance characteristics, and system selection is determined by end use of the shoe sole product.

Polyether based polyols are more resistant to oil and chemical attack and are more temperature resistant. The foam system is liquid at room temperature and does not require any special handling techniques. Molding temperature and cure time is usually increased (compared to polyester) for polyether based foam systems. Soles manufactured with polyether based foam systems are well suited to markets where durability is important, such as safety shoes.

Chem-Trend mold release agents are specifically tailored for use with either polyester or polyether foam systems. With a slower reaction time, polyether foam systems tend to remain liquid on the mold surface for a few seconds longer after the pour/injection has occurred. This liquid phase is highly reactive towards the mold surface and requires a release product with improved barrier performance in order to prevent reaction with, and sticking to, the mold surface.

For a more thorough overview of how our expertise with polyether and polyurethane systems helps shoe sole manufactures increase efficiency, read our Polyurethane Shoe Soling section.

Specialized Products for Polyether Applications

Our history is based on the development of specialized mold release agents, mold cleaners, mold sealers and preparation pastes that have provided a competitive advantage to polyurethane molders around the world. Our water- and solvent-based release agent solutions maximize productivity while meeting the most demanding specifications and operating conditions.

Chem-Trend release agents for polyurethane molders utilizing polyether provide:

  • Excellent part release
  • Optimal surface finish quality
  • Compatibility with secondary operations
  • Lower scrap rates
  • Cleaner molds
  • Less downtime
  • Higher quality parts
  • Water-based, no/low VOC emissions, cleaner safer working environments
  • Tin-free formulations where required

Our complete line of mold cleaners, sealers and preparation pastes are also designed to address the needs of virtually any type of polyurethane manufacturing process that utilizes polyether. Our years of shop floor experience help our customers solve the specific challenges faced when molding with polyether.

To learn more about our wide array of efficiency enhancing products for polyurethane molding utilizing polyether, read our page on Polyurethane Molding or contact us directly to discuss how our expertise can benefit you.

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